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Give me words

Give me words

At first a glance at this topic, everyone might wonder that I am asking for a wish to be granted by the Almighty. When one is bereft of something, then definitely they want their wish to be granted. Being deprived of words is the worst punishment one could get from one’s mind. Our thinking prowess is always in a search to find words to chart the proper path to express something.

Sometimes we do feel guilty to not remember those words when the situation demands.

Time and again, all the renowned authors are being asked about the journey of being one. Well, when I started writing, even I wanted to be renowned, and by the grace of God, I believe I could reach there. I know all one could think is this author started bragging about his achievements and the ones he wanted to achieve.

Bragging doesn’t lead, one anywhere, instead one should always be on a quest to learn new words so that those unachieved achievements can come true.

I remember many instances of my childhood, where I was completely blank about my future course of action. Especially my writing prowess who never left me unattended and always urged me pen at least a single meaningful sentence. How could I forget that complete naïve self who was on the verge of becoming a prolific and better writer?

Never be ashamed of asking ourselves when, why, what, how, and where, which could be our best lifesavers and motivators.

I always had a knack for writing about which I wasn’t aware of it. But during my teens, I visited a zoo along with my mom and siblings. There I came across a statue of a warrior queen seated gallantly along with her two children who flanked her. My imagination got a boost, and I thought why not to pen a poem on this artistic marvel.

The boosted imagination was my ticket to be a creative writer, and through which learning words and other the nitty-gritty of writing became easy.

Then comes a situation where we are confused between similar words and hence fall victim to the wrong ones. It’s not rocket science to not differentiate between them: as with time and practice, we are well-versed with everything. As and when we learn the new ones, the earlier learned ones become the best of our friends.

We tend to seem pained when we attempt to learn new words and their meaning, but believe me, in the end, it’s worth it.

The above statement reminded me of my English teacher, who always made it a point by giving us homework to find a hundred words meaning and form a sentence on each word. Several of her colleagues were jealous and felt offended by her behavior because she was on the verge of becoming the best English teacher of our entire school.

Never curse yourself, to go through this exercise as it’s not an ordeal which many think it’s the one.

Being praised for your words is the best gift one could give to oneself as you don’t need to struggle with finding one. You are always prepared to write anything you are asked to be it a comprehension, article, post, column, poem, etc. You would never hesitate to express and project yourself as the language, and these words become a hindrance to many who couldn’t.

All those moments well spent, all those curses and cuss words you used for yourself while learning and those concluding moments where you become an accomplished writer, would speak volumes about yourself.

P.S. I deliberated upon many images, and I could chance upon the first image a unique one. With each newly learned word, you build your personality by placing an essential cell for every body part. As and when you take it into use, you become a wise and accomplished one of your previous self. By adding more every day, you are completing your incomplete self.

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala (29th November 2019)

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Fay Vietmeier 21 h ago · #13

@Tausif Mundrawala
@Pascal Derrien
"Words are not given we borrow them only"
How well said Pascal
WORDS to ponder & savor ... to express our intentions meaningfully

Finding WORDS at times ... no easy thing
Our mind becomes a thought machine ;~)

I love words
I love The WORD ... who became flesh and made His dwelling among men ... to carry out a Divine mission
At times I pray: "Lord give me the right words"

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Tausif Mundrawala 4 d ago · #12

#11 You brought a smile on my face. Thanks, my friend, @Pascal Derrien

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Pascal Derrien 6 d ago · #11

Words are not given we borrow them only 😉

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John Rylance Nov 30, 2019 · #10

#8 I came across this in the Times today.
Norman Mailer sat on Truman Capote and famously head-butted Gore Vidal on live television 
Once again words failed Norman Mailer said Vidalas he staggered to his feet.

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 29, 2019 · #8

#5 Words seem ineffable to describe or comment on your feedback, Sir. What else could one ask for than the motivators who are always there to boost your morale?

I am glad that you found this buzz wonderful, Sir @John Rylance

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 29, 2019 · #7

#4 I completely agree with you, Sir @Jerry Fletcher

John Rylance Nov 29, 2019 · #6

#5 Oh I forgot to say the phrases mentioned can be positive or negative statements, therefore misinterpreted. They need to be like you have done qualified which your "I lack the words to ......" does.