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Let’s face it: The Dirt and The Muck

Let’s face it: The Dirt and The Muck

The pachyderms, along with their herd, were relishing, every leaf of branches being stripped, from huge trees. Along with enjoying nature, living beings do feel an urge to attend nature’s call. Having said that: few of them started dropping a huge pile of their dung one after another. Their job wasn’t to worry much about their defecated feces.

Someone else was waiting anxiously for their departure so that they can relish on their preferred delicacy. They were none other than dung beetles. Though there were many, these two were inseparable friends. They asked me to name them, Mr. Dirt and Mr. Muck. They said they were living beings and the ones who were best manure scavengers.

It seemed African Safari to me where even people from all walks of life visited it. Those tourists, for them humans were more interested in exotic animals and birds. They encountered these beetles, but a word came out of their mouth, ”yuck”! To which started a conversation between these beetles.

Mr. Dirt said, “What the hell do they think of themselves.”

Mr. Muck replied, “They think they are the most superior and the tidiest beings on earth.”

They ended their conversation abruptly. Other beetles came in droves to snatch every morsel from them. Being known rollers, they started making round balls to roll it far away from them. They both kept rolling it to take it to a faraway place where they can dig and hide their food source. Being tiny ones, they seem to have escaped the eyes of their haters, but little did they know that their size doesn’t allow them to do so.

Though they seem downtrodden, they have cleared this entire planet of these animals poop, which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. All of them are hated and insulted with untidiest comments. No matter what, they still go on with their given job, which has been stated to them by the Almighty.

Mr. Muck stated, “I can still feel their darting eyes on me where they have an eye on our every move.”

Mr. Dirt replied, "You are correct, my friend."

“Their eyes could only see the filth, not the benefit which they derive from it,” stated Mr. Muck.

“That’s why I asked this storyteller to name me Dirt, of which I am proud of, “ answered Mr. Dirt.

Mr. Muck said, “They dust off their clothes as if they don't know this mud.”

Mr. Dirt inquired, “ What about the dirt which they hold in the form of grudge inside themselves.”

Mr. Muck stated, “Can they do away with it once and for all.”

Mr. Dirt got confused, “I don’t think so?”

Mr. Muck questioned, “Why do they always wear white whenever they visit some sacred place and while holding a high post.”

Mr. Dirt answered, “To hide their guilt and that filth which they believe doesn’t exist at all.”

“Do they confess their guilt in front of someone to whom they know,” asked Mr. Muck.

Mr. Dirt answered, “I know only one supreme being and that is my Almighty.”

Mr. Muck stated, “ I have heard it easier for them to insult and break someone’s heart.”

Mr. Dirt chuckled, “Thanks, we are not one among them.”

Mr. Muck, while yawning states, “What makes them so proud about their achievements when all they are, are just a tiny seed on this entire planet.”

Mr. Dirt replied, “Thanks to that filth, we help those seeds germinate into plants and trees.”

Mr. Muck laughed, “If these, humans, would have seen themselves as seeds, the scenario would have been different.”

“Aren’t we becoming like them by mocking them for being mocked,” Mr. Dirt said.

Mr. Muck replied, “No, my friend, we are showing them the mirror which they have left eating their created dust.”

Mr. Dirt chuckled, “Who are we to improve them because the only person who you can improve in your life is you and no one else.”

Mr. Muck stated, “Let’s enjoy this ball of dirt and muck to which we never used any derogatory word.”

Mr. Dirt said, “Come on, let’s go. Hurrah!”

Let’s keep the hatred of dirt and muck aside for a moment and relish every moment of life by not forgetting that we are not the tidiest beings on earth.

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala(26th November 2019)

-Image courtesy- saatchiart.com, oddsalon.com

Tausif Mundrawala Nov 26, 2019 · #7

#4 These past experiences make these buzzes more special. We all get to know a lot more about each other.

Your contribution is always appreciated, Sir @John Rylance

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 26, 2019 · #6

#3 Thanks for your continuous support, my friend, @Debasish Majumder

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 26, 2019 · #5

#2 I agree with you in its entirety, my friend, @Mohammed Abdul Jawad

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John Rylance Nov 26, 2019 · #4

There is a saying "Where there's muck there's money" I remember when I was a child people rushing out to collect up horse droppings after horses and carts had past. Think too the mining industry, particularly coal. 

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Debasish Majumder Nov 26, 2019 · #3

nice buzz @Tausif Mundrawala! enjoyed and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad Nov 26, 2019 · #2

Ah, when hatred spews it only poisons and divides our hearts and destroys mankind!

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