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Let’s nudge our pessimist selves

Let’s nudge our pessimist selves

In pursuance of multi-tasking and an urge to earn more, I undertook a project and subjected myself to toil for fourteen hours a day including my office work.

Initially I was proud to have enlisted myself in this independent task but later on it started taking toll on my mind.

All the motivational quotes, articles and self-help books perched on the top of my mind asking me to continue and my inner self kept prodding me to achieve more than I could.

I thought if there is no pain how would I gain.

In order to complete that project I had to achieve interminable numbers though we can count those but this exhaustible task made an entire experience impossible one.

My entire family started blaming me that I should have asked for their advice or else I should have calculated the task well. I wanted to achieve something unachievable on the expense of my health.

I lost the willpower to achieve that unachievable and could see my investment slipping from my hands.

I couldn’t muster enough strength to pacify the darkened clouds of pessimism which were looming on my head. The foundation of my self-confidence was about to crumble.

But someone came to my rescue and guess who? My mother-the real progenitor boosted my morale with her kind words and asked me to reflect on what went wrong and take it as an experience well learnt.

She started quoting several leaders who went on to achieve big in their life. I was speechless to hear it from my mother though she being an introvert and spoke few words in an entire day.

Brick after brick of wisdom helped me sustain my mettle and roused me from the dreams of avarice.

I took a day off from my work. The very next day I missed my transport which plies towards my company and in order to reach on time I boarded public transport.

Being an avid reader I utilized my time to its maximum potential. But that day each article came hitting me on my hippocampus and amygdala.

One of the article boasted about a minister’s display of social work in the form of distributing freebies and it made me realize about my anguish.

Another article listed details about the brutality of police clampdown on protesters in order to suppress their voice. Those lathis(sticks) came rushing down on my head and I developed empathy for those protesters.

Initially an entire reading experience didn’t augur well with me but later on it casted a spell where I found myself spell-bounded and got immersed in the lives and events described in the newspaper.

I proved myself a living example of being true to the motto of this newspaper which says,”Because the truth involves us all”.

Days passed and I grew accustomed to this habit of involving and indulging myself in each article which I read.

I went to the extent where I finished licking entire newspapers to my astonishment.

We need a little nudge from our inner core to rouse ourselves from the nightmare of pessimism. So let’s pledge to eradicate this devil and usher in the optimist angel.

It would be an absolute unjust on my part not to credit Sir Ali Anani who nudged me to pen this buzz and expressed his desire to read this story. I am highly grateful to you sir.

I invite all my readers to leave a feedback in the form of comment.

Tausif Mundrawala 20/2/2018 · #18

#17 I agree with you on all aspects, @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 20/2/2018 · #17

#16 Thanks, I think I enjoy going to some of the oldest buzzes more often than reading the newest. I get those everyday. Yet, I do this for all the new bees coming into the hive. They miss out on all the Honey produced a couple of years ago, unless they search it out.

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Tausif Mundrawala 20/2/2018 · #16

#15 I was exhilarated to see this buzz shared once again. It didn't surprise me that it came from you as you have always proved yourself true to that buzz penned by you named "To stir the honeypot". The phrase, 'Dog sitting on a nail' made me realize that a lot can me gained by sharing our own experiences

Am glad that you shared this buzz with our fellow bees, my friend @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 20/2/2018 · #15

Great Buzz. Throughout my life, I have been like a 'Dog sitting on a nail', usually moaning or complaining. My nudge from friends was usually an inspiration that the pain might be gone, or being given the Truth that my procrastination will just keep the pain going longer. It usually took both.
If I had no one to Nudge me, then I sometimes sat on 'my nail', whatever it was at that time, until the pain was just to unbearable to stay put. It was at this put I final went into action mode.
It wasn't until my late 20's 'til I finally was able to motivate myself. I have learned from this part of my journey that it is like pushing a boulder up hill. So, I don't ever want to do it alone. Because if I stop, that positive momentum will be lost, making the 'boulder' roll back to the bottom. Yet, surrounding myself with others positive minds is like others keeping that boulder in it's place in-case I ever let go for a moment.

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Tausif Mundrawala 15/2/2017 · #14

#13 I am the most luckiest to be one among many connections of yours. Words seem ineffable to thank you.

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debasish majumder 15/2/2017 · #13

yes, empathy is the key for becoming to an inevitable component and there perhaps lies the true essence of bonding through positive engagement. lovely insight @Tausif Mundrawala! enjoyed read. thank you for such lovely share.

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Tausif Mundrawala 3/12/2016 · #12

#8 Thank you so much Sara Jacobovici for your compliment. Even you have inspired many of those to pen a buzz on a particular topic which they did and I am one among those luckiest of whose buzz who have read and commented. I am honored and what else could I ask.

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Tausif Mundrawala 3/12/2016 · #11

#7 Sir how could I forget you as you have inspired me to pen this buzz. I have to heed to what you suggested and it was my duty to pen it as soon as possible. Keep inspiring us the way you do.

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