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Our Assertive selves….

Our Assertive selves….

I was about to usher in the weekend with a vibrant mood on the seventh day of September of this year. I like indulging myself into healthy discussions which would help form various opinions. The topic selected should be such, that it should interest both of us- me and my other counterpart. Recently we discussed in great length about the scrapping of Article 370 of our constitution and how it would benefit our nation.

You all might be wondering about me using the pronoun, ‘we’ in most of the previous sentences. To whom am I trying to address or introduce in this post. I am talking about my old colleague and friend with whom I got reunited in the second inning of mine in the same company. He always liked discussing various topics with me, especially if it’s about politics, finance, economics, arts, etc.

We were seated on the front seat meant for two in our company transport. Several heads would turn when we would get into various intellectual discussions. Sometimes those discussions would turn into debates, and those debates would turn into heated arguments. We had always respected each other's opinions and views, and never tried to cross the boundary which would ruin our friendship.

I always had that innate ability to sense if someone is about to get hurt and if not done anything by me than the damage done would be devastating. All said and done: one couldn’t do anything about a bruised ego. If the entire discussion goes haywire, one needs to step in and calm the situation. The said words shouldn’t be allowed to become fired bullets of insult on their knowledge.

This instance kept me wondering how often we become assertive by imposing our views and opinions on others. Instead of allowing a space to blossom with a healthy outcome, after every discussion, we tend to make a point like hitting a bulls-eye. I am correct, and others are not is not a sane attitude. With high octave and uncontrolled temper, we can never put our point across in an amicable manner.

I kept my temperament in check because I knew that if I would retaliate, then this would become a ferocious fight. Great leaders have always been great listeners. They have always answered every one in a very calm way. This calmness has helped them a great deal to achieve greatness in success.

“Always challenge yourself rather than others in the pursuance of achieving greatness in knowledge and transitioning it into wisdom.”

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala(9th Sep 2019)

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Tausif Mundrawala 3 d ago · #17

#13 Your kind words have always made my day and this time it can't be less, my friend, @Pascal Derrien

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Tausif Mundrawala 3 d ago · #16

#12 Thank you so much for reading and liking this buzz, @Kevin Baker

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Tausif Mundrawala 3 d ago · #15

#14 Your every contribution have enlightenment me to a point where I have always considered you a person of great wisdom. That's the beauty of this platform where we get to share and against it receives a lot. Your responses have made my position stronger be it on any topic. Your sharing of experiences means a lot, Sir @Harvey Lloyd

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Harvey Lloyd 3 d ago · #14

#8 I don't disagree. My point was really surrounding exactly what you brought forward in your reply. The dynamic of communications is two different paradigms are meeting. From knowledge to experience these differences are explored within communications. To the extent that we bring our paradigmatic positions to the table correlates with deeper needs to establish our own belief systems within our paradigm.

Not always needed, but, we can look below the style of defense and see the needs of the individual to be correct. This is what is driving their response. If we focus our responses on the needs the other person rather than their defensive posturing we can achieve many things.

Within a construction firm i ran we met this challenge constantly. Our sales people would engaguage in the defensive responses of potential customers. Not recognising they were defending other construction firms they trusted and/or receive benefit. How could we face a potential client who was afraid of us disrupting their current paradigm of chosen contractors?

Each potential client had values within the choice. The previously used contractors had established they met the values. We changed our question to, "How could we identify the values and show that we can meet them. We did not focus on the paradigmatic responses of defending the status quo.

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Pascal Derrien 3 d ago · #13

Restrain is a sign of wisdom , good on you Tausif :-)

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Kevin Baker 4 d ago · #12

No reaction is action. And a very powerful asset. Enjoyable read.

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Tausif Mundrawala 4 d ago · #11

Thanks for reading and liking this buzz @Javier 🐝 beBee

Tausif Mundrawala 4 d ago · #10

#7 What would one achieve while arguing for the position which is well-formed and informed. Silence is the best policy in such matters.

Thanks once again, Sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

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