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Stop! Exaggerating Everything

Stop! Exaggerating Everything

Nowadays it's hardly an exception, to come across plain-speaking people. Their said statements would always be honest and the ones that can be blindly trusted. Their politeness while answering, would be reflected in those spoken words, and could be taken at face value. What else could one ask for while dealing with such people?

Being honest and trustworthy, these plain-speaking people has inspired others to sing paeans on them.

There are the ones whose every word is an exaggeration. Their spoken words that get transformed into statements are like a magic wand to them. They seem to spin those words with equal ease without worrying about the effect and can it be taken at face value. Principles don't occur in their world.

They get excessively addicted to their boasting in all the conversations they have with anyone.

If we ask them about the price of a particular article, then we won't get to know the real price. They would take ample time to boast about visiting shops and buying the costliest brand. The moment they would step in their house, then within moments, they would remove the attached price-tag.

How could one trust an overemphasized statement which would be of no use howsoever?

How would you categorize such people? Would they be walking the thin line of being a liar and an imaginative person? Their overemphasized statement would never make them the most significant witness. By taking an oath in front of a supreme judge, they can't hide their true selves.

They think of themselves as special ones whose path is charted by someone supreme in this universe.

Sometimes they tend to behave as saviors of the ones who are misunderstood to be criminals. As there is saying that lying is better if we can save one’s life. It becomes easy for the ones who could lie with equal ease, but, wait we are discussing exaggeration here. But they tend to overstate the facts rather than telling the truth. Isn’t it as good as not speaking the truth and can be labeled a liar?

For them, the truth became a bitter companion, that's why they supplanted it with pride-filled exaggeration.

Instead of worrying about being honest, they prove themselves to be superior, to others that’s why they exaggerate. During the beginning of this century, the renovation work of our, as well as our neighbor's, started simultaneously. Our renovating contract took care of by my maternal uncle while of theirs, her father. She happened to be my aunt’s friend.

They both discussed those tasks extensively so that they can know more about the quality, variety, and availability of the materials. My uncle always waited for him to answer as he kept exaggerating the prices and the décor he made possible of her daughter’s home. He kept comparing our décor to his creation but without any improvements.

They opted for pink paint while we chose mushroom as my mother thought that’s the best color. We went with the Italian marble for flooring while they chose some slippery cheap tiles. We went for the chandeliers while they were content with small wall lamps. I am not trying to belittle him or his choices, but the result of a finished décor proved everything.

With exaggeration, they can’t see their ego bruised by others, but once they know that others know their behavior, then they tend to go haywire with the desired results.

They apply the same rules to present better and worse scenarios with different facts and figures. Suffice it to say that they are helpless with this habit of theirs. This habit becomes a part of their personality, and they can’t do without it throughout their life. However hard they may try, it would recur to them after regular intervals.

Exaggerators hold an inkpot whose each drop gets spilled after each spoken word, which leaves a blot on their personality in the form of an indelible mark.

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala (25th November 2019)

-Image Courtesy- flickr.com, quotefancy.com.

Tausif Mundrawala 26/11/2019 · #13

#11 So true. I agree with you, Sir that praise where praise is due. Thanks once again, Sir @John Rylance

Tausif Mundrawala 26/11/2019 · #12

#10 You brought a smile on my face, my friend, @Kevin Baker

John Rylance 26/11/2019 · #11

#9 My pleasure praise where praise is due. Your reply was a nice blend of under and over stated praise.

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Kevin Baker 26/11/2019 · #10

Haven't I told you a million times not to exaggerate. To funny

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Tausif Mundrawala 25/11/2019 · #9

#6 I am the most privileged one to be complimented by you, Sir. Believe me, your comment made me pen another post for which I am wide awake. Here it's 3.06 am and I have to fulfill this commitment of mine with myself. Thank you so much, Sir once again.

Words won't be enough to thank you, Sir @John Rylance

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Tausif Mundrawala 25/11/2019 · #8

#5 I agree with your statement in its entirety, my friend, @Marisa Fonseca Diniz

Tausif Mundrawala 25/11/2019 · #7

#2 You always make my day, my friend, @Pascal Derrien

John Rylance 25/11/2019 · #6

Which pleases you more if I said " I am 150% behind this Megapost" or "A really go post"? Both say I like the post but do we seek over or under stated praise.

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