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Thorns Strewn Road Ahead

Thorns Strewn Road Ahead

Grief-stricken people are lost and broken souls who take ages to revamp their lives. Every day I have been witnessing such deprived souls on road pavements where they somehow earn their meager earnings. Today, I couldn't keep my eyes off from one of the dirt stricken ladies whose eyes welled with tears due to her plight.

That sight made me realize to pen a post on this topic. However hard we may try to remove them from this quagmire, our efforts would be in vain as only they could help themselves. They need proper guidance from someone who could understand them and can work in their interest.

A sliver of light is required in their dark surroundings to wade through the worst happenings in their life and make it like heaven.

Their state made them despicable humans with whom no one wants to talk. We always fail to understand that there is a part of our life which is not in our control, however hard we may try to improve it. Who would want to lead a life of a waif where each moment becomes hell?

Have you ever wondered what life on the pavement would be? What do they mean by sanitation? How tough life becomes to sustain oneself on the leftover of others? To not have a right to buy one's clothes and to cover oneself with the outcasted clothes of others?

The tears are now dried in their eyes, that the duct from which it passes forgets it's functioning.

Everyone wishes to rest on a bed of roses. No one wishes to walk on a road full of thorns. Sometimes they bring wrath upon themselves by committing a crime in frustration with their life. But who would understand and devote resources to bring them to their senses?

They couldn't bear much humidity, and they take a long respite from a day's slogging amidst road. For which they become prey of drunk drivers huge fast-moving vehicles. Their life is doomed to such an extent that they don't realize how valuable one's life is. It would take ages for them to come to their senses and sense danger in each step of this journey.

They are willing to sacrifice their entire wealthless empire to the ones who could rescue them from this ruin.

Their babies are the most unfortunate angels who dangle on a piece of cloth wherever they could find branches. While growing up instead of being properly fed and educated, they would opt for being child labor. They get busy supporting their families with full might.

If successful in labor, they then lead their flourishing business in full-swing. If not then they, languish in a gutter, with a cheap bottle which leads them to a stupor state. One such helpless soul was wandering in train compartments for a meager alms to fix his right hand's limb.

Wanderers in search of nothing is like digging a mountain without any gains in the form of minerals and jewels.

That man would be full of skills and talent where he could make a proper use to earn a decent living for himself. But circumstances never allowed him to know his true potential and let him in the state which he is now without earning or being recognized for his body of work.

According to me, a task force should be created to address the problems which they face and should come up with constructive solutions. Employment opportunities should be created by teaching new skills to them. Institutions should come forward and create programs for the betterment of all their family members.

If asked then answered, if answered, then should strategize, if strategized then should be executed and if executed; then the days of the happy living are not far away.

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala(8th November 2019)

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 14, 2019 · #12

Thank you so much, @Alvin Hope Johnson for reading and liking this post. I would highly appreciate if you could let me know what you think of this buzz and please shed light on this subject.

Madalo Fundi Nov 14, 2019 · #11

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 13, 2019 · #10

#9 They are shoved off as trash which came our way. But hardly anyone gives thought on their misery lest to do something to improve their life. I think acknowledging their condition helps us take the next step.

Thank you so much once again, my friend, @Marisa Fonseca Diniz

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Marisa Fonseca Diniz Nov 13, 2019 · #9

When even dignity has already been lost, what is left for those who live on the streets and wander the world? Life makes us reflect on how much we have all the best and the best and we cannot see the misery that surrounds us in a way that excludes those who have not had a life full of opportunities like us. I love your reflection articles, because they stir our inner selves!

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 11, 2019 · #8

#6 I am indebted to you and your wonderful comment. Thanks for the close reading of this buzz, my friend, @Fay Vietmeier

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 11, 2019 · #7

#5 I agree with you in all aspects, Sir. Thanks for imparting more knowledge on this subject.

Thank you once again, Sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

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Fay Vietmeier Nov 9, 2019 · #6

@Tausif Mundrawala
Tausif~ a very painful laying out of the human condition... Your writing calls for a THINKING-ACTING response … with a happy ending
“If asked then answered, if answered, then should strategize, if strategized then should be executed and if executed; then the days of the happy living are not far away.
Life is not "fair" … there are TOO many: "Wanderers in search of nothing" ... these are everywhere
The resources exist on this "gem" planet to provide for those in "need"
But GREED and corruption prevail throughout human history ... and in the human heart
Throughout human history some efforts are made to alleviate suffering … often by missionaries … faith groups … the generosity & caring of some people … but such efforts fall FAR short of the NEED

A most effective principle is: rather than give a man a fish ... teach him to fish & then he can care for himself & his family
Complexity is everywhere in the condition of human suffering
You inspire Tausif … even with “Thorns” & suffering … I have such a long response to this that it needs to be a writing dedicated to you

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@Tausif Mundrawala- I enjoyed reading about the misery of "Their life is doomed to such an extent that they don't realize how valuable one's life is". There is an Arab proverb that says the most miserable pain is the one that makes you laugh.
I read about great achievements of people living on pavements. One example is Firminio, the outstanding current Liverpool Football Club player. In their miseries these people bury great talents.

It is not only lives deprived of money and human rights; equally it is lives that ended too soon by crucial situations.

Yes, life can be tough. .

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