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10 Ways That Your Web Site Is Driving Customers Away

10 Ways That Your Web Site Is Driving Customers AwaySo, your web site has been live for a moment currently and on the surface all appears well. All the graphics square measure in place, everything is coupled up properly, except for some reason your bounce rate is through the roof. individuals appear to be incoming at your web site and going away in droves. What possible reason might there be for this?

There square measure doubtless a number of factors you’ve incomprehensible that square measure golf shot individuals off. fortuitously, most of those square measure straightforward to rectify. during this article, we tend to take a glance at a number of the foremost common reasons why individuals may well be going away your web site too quickly.

Auto-Playing Music

Although this feature will appear to be weakening from quality, it still rears its ugly head on the occasional web site. Most home users hear their own music or watch tv whereas browsing the web, therefore your web site having its own audio recording is probably going to be a supply of irritation instead of joy. workplace users can either have their speakers on silent creating your automatic music nothing quite Associate in Nursing redundant addition to page load times, and if they don’t the music are going to be nothing quite a supply of embarrassment once it comes blaring get into front of colleagues. Hardly the method you wish a possible client to recollect you.

Scrolling Adverts

Spend any time browsing for content on-line and you’ll have encountered these nasty very little critters. They’re those sq. or rectangular adverts that appear within the spatial relation of your screen once you’ve simply loaded up a stimulating article, and refuse to travel away till you’ve either entered your email address or rigorously unearthed the very small shut button mixing seamlessly with the background. Don’t use these. The overwhelming majority of individuals can merely bounce off your web site as some extent of principle once they see a scrolling advert seem.

Overtly Difficult Navigation

All content on a web site has to be as straightforward to access as doable. individuals need to be ready to click through to their desired content as quickly as doable, therefore 10-tier menu labyrinths aren’t getting to go down fine. once a traveller visits your homepage for the primary time, they need to check the link to their space of interest inside seconds of incoming. Remember, it’s faster for a traveller to easily bounce off to a different, bette