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Content Marketing? How to produce the best performing content possible!

Content Marketing? How to produce the best performing content possible!

I’ve worked for SEO agencies, I currently work for a creative marketing agency with an advertising background and I’m also a member of the PR professionals’ body – the PRCA. That means that when I think about producing online content, I think in pretty holistic terms. I want to make sure every piece produced has been optimised to produce the maximum possible impact.

In this article I’ve explained how I’d (given the opportunities of budget, time and resource) do that. There are some angles in here that you may not already be taking advantage of but, equally, I’m sure there will be some techniques that I’ve missed out. Please feel free to let me know your own ideas in the comments section. The more we all learn from each other, the less poor quality content there will be cluttering up the web in future. Hopefully!

I’ve broken things down into different stages.

1) How SEO gap analysis can help find the best topics for capturing search traffic:

At one of my previous SEO agencies I was introduced to gap analysis. What does gap analysis mean? Well, as the title would suggest, it’s looking for a relevant topic which your website doesn’t currently cover, that there’s low (or simply ‘beatable’) competition around when it comes to search engine rankings.

Of course, there also needs to be enough search volume around that topic to make producing content on it worth your while. When deciding upon that, bear in mind that more specific search terms will naturally generate lower volumes of search traffic… but may be more useful to the specific product or service provided by your website. That’s something you have to decide based on your knowledge of your own site and sector.

How do you find these traffic volumes? Google’s Keyword Planner tool has recently become a bit peskier to use but I’ve just started a trial of Ahrefs and am finding it very useful s