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Creating and promoting content? Why you need to learn from the worst.

Creating and promoting content? Why you need to learn from the worst.Over my years as a stand-up comedian, then a writer of TV/Radio comedy and now as a social media and content professional, I’ve managed a few recurring phrases.

“They’re not funny!”

That’s what I’d howl, while watching someone crop up on a panel show who I considered to be comedically inferior to myself when I was a stand-up comedian.

“That’s not as good as things I’ve written!”

That was my response to any TV or Radio comedy I didn’t approve of.

“But this campaign is rubbish!”

That’s what I’d find myself babbling while looking at anything I felt I could outdo in the world of social media and content.

I’ve wasted a lot of years on that mentality.

Moaning, instead of learning.

Recently though, I’ve realised just how much knowledge there is to be gained from bad end products (if we’re to filter out the 90% of times I was just moaning, leaving the 10% of times I probably had a point).

How so?

The simple truth is that if someone or something is doing better than their resources (be they financial or talent based) should seem to allow… then they must be doing something right.

They’re making more effort than you.

They’re building better relationships than you.

They’re being cleverer with how they package and present things than you.

Because I was a purist (which, as with ‘perfectionist’, is how people being arsey like to describe themselves to avoid acknowledging that they’re being arsey), I always felt that I just had to produce the best piece of creative work, sit back and wait for it and me to attract all th