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Help me understand BeBee a little better

 Help me understand BeBee a little better


I created an account here a few months ago, and I admit I have not been a very active user so far, but being honest about it, it is because I do not understand this social network very well yet.

When I signed up, I thought it was an alternative to LinkedIn. After logging in the first time, however, I noticed features here that LinkedIn does not have, mainly the possibility of following someone without the need of acceptance or reciprocity. That made me think BeBee is closer to what Diaspora* is, but with groups, Google+ style. I also noticed that many people post (or produce) on their blogs and that they are public articles you can find on search engines.

What I would like to know is the following:

  • Does BeBee welcome company pages or accounts? Or, in other words, is it OK if I create an account on behalf of my business?
  • Are there any algorithms on this site? We all know that Facebook and LinkedIn use them. I wonder whether there is anything like that here. (I sincerely hope not.)
  • Is there any way to filter updates by language? Je ne parle pas francais. Io non parlo italiano. Ich spreche Deutsche nicht.
  • Why must I upload an image to anything I want to post publicly? (The image on this page was taken from Unsplash.)

Thank you for your answers!

Jorge Enrique A. Jul 27, 2020 · #3

Ok, thanks.

Javier 🐝 CR Jul 27, 2020 · #2

Hi Jorge! we are working in a new platform. It will be ready during the next weeks ! I hope you will enjoy it !

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