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Conspiracy Time: What Comes Next on Game of Thrones? (Part I)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t finished season 6, you might want to stop reading RIGHT NOW.

Conspiracy Time: What Comes Next on Game of Thrones? (Part I)

It was bad enough when we thought that season 7 would arrive on time, but now that we just learned that the release date will be pushed back a bit (sob!) the wait is going to be even harder.

The good news is we’ll have a bit more time to develop all kinds of conspiracies on what will happen in the upcoming episodes… Ok, it’s not the best of news, but we have to keep ourselves entertained somehow.

There are many fan theories about how these two stories will play out: who the three dragon riders will be and who will end Cersei Lannister’s life. Here go some theories about these two topics.


Season 6 made it pretty clear that Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen (Daenerys’ brother and son of The Mad King), confirming one of the most famous fan theories there’s been in these past six years.

If we take this for granted we would have Daenerys and Jon as two of the dragon riders, which means we still have one to go. Who will it be?

A) Tyrion… Targaryen?

One of the most popular thesis is that Tyrion is the son of Joanna Lannister and her lover Aerys II Targaryen -- aka The Mad King --, which would make him the third dragon rider.

The series is not as clear as the books about how Tyrion is almost obsessed with dragons since he was just a child, but they did try to make that point when Tyrion released Rhaegal and Viserion from their chains in the dungeons. The imp told the story and the dragons were perfectly calm around him. Hinting anything here?

We can’t forget the conversation between The Mother of Dragons and Tyron in the epic season 6 finale, which revealed that they have a great bond. And just to refresh the memory, Twyn always made it clear how he despised Tyrion, and did not consider him a real Lannister.

Conspiracy Time: What Comes Next on Game of Thrones? (Part I)

B) Meera Reed

This theory might seem like kind of a long shot, but it’s defended by a considerable amount of fans. It revolves around the idea that Jon Snow and Meera Reed are actually twins.

Supporters of the twin theory say that Lyanna Stark gave birth to another baby right after she handed Ned the first one and made him swear he would protect him from any harm. Ned felt it wouldn’t be safe to try and pass both kids as his bastards, so he handed the second one to the person standing beside him: Howland Reed, who is Meera’s official father.

Conspiracy Time: What Comes Next on Game of Thrones? (Part I)


If Maggy The Frog’s prophecies continue to come true, Cersei is as good as dead. Although the last part of the witch’s prediction hasn’t been revealed on the show for the moment, in the book, right after letting her know she would live through the death of her three children, she says this:

And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.
Maggy the Frog in 'A Feast for Crows'

Valonqar seems to be High Valyrian for little brother/sister, so as it turns out this opens a few possibilities.

Conspiracy Time: What Comes Next on Game of Thrones? (Part I)

A) Arya Stark

The last time we saw her she was up North slitting Walder Frey’s throat, so we take it she might be on her definite revenge trip to scratch out every name on her list.

Cersei is up top on that list and Arya’s mission in the rest of the series might just consist of finishing what she started back in the day when old Ned’s head got chopped off.

Conspiracy Time: What Comes Next on Game of Thrones? (Part I)

B) Jaimie Lannister

After the look on Jamie’s eyes when he saw Cersei on the Iron Throne on GoT’s last episode, the theory of him being the one to kill Cersei emerged powerfully. This would definitely be a scene to remember.

C) Gendry Baratheon

It’s likely you didn’t even remember Gendry existed, but he does. He was last seen in season 3 and hasn’t appeared on screen since, so maybe -- long shot alert!-- he’s meant to make an extraordinary comeback -- even if it’s helping Arya get the job done.

Conspiracy Time: What Comes Next on Game of Thrones? (Part I)

D) Tyrion Lannister

The imp could also become the queenslayer, but this would be a huge step back for Tyrion after coming such a long way as a character… He has more important things to take care of now!

What do you think? All bets are on!

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