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Dennis Yu on How to Become a Technical Marketing Expert

Dennis Yu started out studying Economical and Political Science and ended up being a great technical marketer. Political science  “is ultimately about pricing and distribution—who gets what and for what price. Isn’t that where marketing is going?”, says Dennis.

His technical marketing expertise makes him a very important asset for any company and team. If you want to find out all about how Dennis made his way to the top don’t stop reading because you’re in for a treat. And don’t forget to follow Dennis Yu on beBee!


1. Given that you started out studying Economical and Political Science, how did you wind up in the marketing world?

D.Y. I’ve always been fascinated by market forces —why certain things cost more, why pretty women date ugly men, how smart people often can’t find jobs, and how incompetence can persist in what should be an increasingly efficient, transparent marketplace.

There’s the rational view of markets, where the “invisible hand” orchestrates transactions with zero friction. Yet, the behavior of emotional, irrational actors in the market is fascinating.

The key to being a great marketer is to not be perceived as a marketer.

2. You are the all-in-one professional that every company would love to hire when it comes to online marketing. What does it take to actually keep up-to-date and constantly evolve in this profession?

D.Y.   The key to being a great marketer is to not be perceived as a marketer. I don’t read marketing books and don’t hold marketing positions.

The same is true for sales— how much credibility do you ascribe to people who tell you they’re in sales at first contact? People buy based on authority, which means instead of calculating the perfect option among many (which takes effort), they choose what’s most plausible. They do what their friends do.

So a great “marketer”—someone who drives interest and revenue, must understand human psychology. I read a lot about these topics as well as certain forms of science fiction. For example, two of my favorite books are Snow Crash and