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Live Buzz, beBee’s new video streaming tool

Live Buzz, beBee’s new video streaming tool

beBee has no limits with even more new services at your fingertips! Now you can make live videos with our new streaming tool Live Buzz.

Give it a try! Log in to beBee from our new mobile app and share whatever you fancy with your hives: whether you’re at an awesome concert, going for a bike ride or cooking your favourite recipe, Bees are always keen to know what you’re up to.

So...what are the technical requirements to make a Live Buzz?

You only need to have the latest version of our app installed: Android 1.6.4 or iOS 1.6.1.

What are you waiting for? Join in with the Live Buzz crowd!

Live Buzz, beBee’s new video streaming toolLive Buzz, beBee’s new video streaming tool

Getting the hang of Live Buzz

- Are you ready? 

With you in mind we’ve given you a 3 second countdown before you start recording. We want your Live Buzz to be the best!

- How much time can I have? 

Your video must be at least 10 seconds and last a maximum of 15 minutes.

- Will people hear me straight away? 

Yes! The speaker will be activated by default and when you start recording you can deactivate it at any time.

- In which direction can I film? 

Any way you want. Whatsmore, if you flip the phone around the, you can also use the flash.

- And what if I don’t want to make a Live Buzz? 

No problem. You can cancel it before you start recording.  

Michele Williams Feb 26, 2017 · #30

#28 so funny!

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Emily🐝 Bee Feb 26, 2017 · #29

#28 Lol, thanks for the warning @Pamela 🐝 Williams! I have a feeling your video would have been funny.... But I hear you. I once did a FB live and the sound did work. Same like you, it was one of my best, and I got private msgs saying there was no sound. It was the App, not my phone. I was pretty furious. 😂😂😂

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Pamela 🐝 Williams Feb 26, 2017 · #28

Just in case you want to use your vocal chords and splash your pretty face all over beBee...try the Live Video. It's easy, and nobody's is perfect so just have fun with it! Oh, but don't forget to mute if you get frustrated with your phone and start using curse words! A wonderful live buzz by yours truly had to be deleted! Sad! Just happy I had that; you have XXX minutes to delete option! How embarrassing that would have been :-)

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don kerr Nov 11, 2016 · #27

#26 Thanks very much.

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Teresa Gezze Nov 11, 2016 · #26

#23 Hey @Don Kerr Here is the iOS app: https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/bebee-affinity-networking/id975185842?l=en&mt=8

If anybody need the Android app get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bebee.android.hive&hl=en

You should probably give that game a whirl tho. Might be fun =P

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don kerr Nov 11, 2016 · #25


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Lisa Gallagher Nov 11, 2016 · #24

#23 @Don Kerr, what type of phone do you use? On the android phones you can find it right on the google play store. Just type in beBee and it pops right up :))

don kerr Nov 11, 2016 · #23

@Teresa Gezze where is the app? Can,t find on App Store. Get some dumb kids game. What am I doing wrong.

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