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New features coming to beBee

New features coming to beBee

The beBee team is always working to make this social network that much better! User experience is very important in the hive, and that’s why we listen to every single bee when making improvements.

Here’s a heads-up on the latest updates coming to beBee very soon!

  • Mention users only by using @. No more mentioning other bees by accident. Starting soon you’ll only be able to mention someone by using the @ symbol.

  • Publish Producers as a hive. This is a great new feature that will allow the official hives to publish Producer stories. Blog on!

  • New languages. In just a few more days users will be able to use beBee in German and Russian! beBee is going worldwide, bees.

Until these new features are ready you can keep on using our Live Buzz tool to stream about anything you want. Don’t keep the bees waiting!

After you finish using Live Buzz you can share your video in up to three different hives. Remember to post it in hives that are related to the topic you’re speaking about, that way you will reach a lot of bees who are truly interested in what you have to say.

And remember, the beBee Team is always at work, so we will keep on improving the site and spreading the buzz!


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Andrew 🐝 Goldman Oct 6, 2016 · #18

Great news!

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Cepee Tabibian Oct 6, 2016 · #17

#13 I joined too! :) Thanks!

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Teresa Gezze Oct 6, 2016 · #16

#13 Done!

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Paul Walters Oct 5, 2016 · #15

@Teresa Gezze @Javier beBee I have begun ( slowly) to push the beBEE barrow here in Indonesia . Biggest FB users on the planet and they also send off 1 billion tweets a day! methinks its time you begin to swarm this archipelago !!!

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Ben Pinto Oct 5, 2016 · #14

Wanna be

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Ben Pinto Oct 5, 2016 · #13

If you listen to every bee, please make sure to join the following hives:

Wannabee (posts from Bees about what we wanna see or wanna see beBee become.)

Gripe (posts showing bee's gripes which may or may not have anything to do with beBee.)

QueenBee (anything to do with bees)

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