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BeBee, a Social Network Where Your Personal and Professional Profiles Come Together

Original article published in Castilla y Leon Económica. October 2016.

beBee, a Social Network Where Your Personal and Professional Profiles Come TogetherJuan Imaz - beBee President and co-founder - and Javier Cámara -beBee CEO and co-founder-

This Spanish social network gives its more than 11 million users the opportunity to network through their personal interests

We want people to have the opportunity to network through their personal interests. No other social network has been able to achieve this, and we are doing it. Our network is based on affinity and on the relevance of the content users receive. 
Javier Cámara - beBee CEO

This is how Javier Camara presents beBee, the platform for which he is the CEO and and that he co-founded with Juan Imaz in late 2014. In now has more than 11.2 million users all around the world. Spain is the country with the most users - 4.5 million -, followed by Brazil with 1.8 million.

The United States has more than 100,000 users and this country has become the main market to target for the social network. This is the reason why they’ve just opened a new office in New York City. “Our goal is to reach 40 million users by 2018”, says beBee’s CEO, who believes they will close the present year with a 2.1 million euro revenue.  The company is growing rapidly in Latin America and India , “where the users themselves recommend others to use beBee and bring new ones. We haven’t invested in these countries yet”, Javier Camara explains. To continue their European expansion, beBee has hired an international team to attract users from Italy, France, Germany, France and Russia. Also, they’re participating in several series-A investment rounds.

Multiple Languages

Any adult can register on beBee for free. It’s available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French, and it will soon be available in Russian and German too. After clicking on the registration button, the system will ask you to choose a hive according to your profession. Then you will get suggestions of hives you can join according to your personal interests. “This is what will create our feed, where we will find buzzes (content) from the hives we have joined and we can share that content in up to three hives related to the topic of the buzz”, beBee’s CEO explains. This social network also has an on-site blogging tool, beBee Producer, on which you can write your stories at any time using any type of device.

In Silicon Valley

Last September beBee attended the ‘Startups to Silicon Valley’ event in the United States as one of Europe’s top startups. The goal of this event is to bring European tech-based unicorn startups and the giants of the industry together to boost their international growth in the U.S.

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