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The Spanish LinkedIn Stings the Big Apple

The Spanish LinkedIn Stings the Big Apple

A year and a half after it was established, beBee flies to the United States with a clear goal: to be the first global Spanish social network”.

JOSÉ A. GONZÁLEZ. MADRID. In 1931 the american historian James Truslow baptised the United States as the land of opportunity in which dreams come true. 85 years later, a Spanish company based in Madrid lands in the  heart of the Big Apple to make its way into the global social media market. 

We are very excited, we just opened an office in front of the Wall Street Charging Bull.
Javier Cámara, beBee co-founder and CEO in 'El Correo' 

With more than 11 million users worldwide, this European social network is buzzing loudly in the US: “We have 150,000 users there and it’s looking great. If it works there it’s because there’s a reason”, Camara adds.

beBee is an affinity-based social network that aims to connect users based on their common personal and professional interests. “We took real life to the digital world. In the offline world face-to-face business works better because personal common interests create stronger professional relationships”, says beBee co-founder and CEO. This is a new concept of networking that the founders call  “affinity networking”. There are more than 22,000 hives (topic-based groups) with more than 11 million bees (users) in them, and every professional connects with other with whom they share interests.

“To share