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Outfits for Women of Elegant Age: Do's and Don'ts

How a woman of elegant age should dress? There are some outfit ideas, do's and don'ts

Outfits for Women of Elegant Age: Do's and Don'ts

A woman in her forties opens her closet, takes out her favorite dress and for the first time in her life she wonders whether it's appropriate for her age.
It doesn't even matter what she'll decide about the dress. What really depresses her is the fact she has been wondering about it.

Sure, she is not old right now. However, it's the right time to acknowledge some aspects related to a new stage in her life. The stage which is wise, elegant and no less beautiful than the previous one was.

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Lyon Brave 22/6/2017 · #4

I think a lot of freedom comes with being an older woman. 40 IS THE NEW HOT

Gloria Ochoa 15/12/2016 · #3

#2 they have secrets on looking good at any age...when you find it...I want to know, Tetiana ! :)

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Tetiana Pochtiennykh 15/12/2016 · #2

#1 @Gloria Ochoa I can't agree more!:) The fact is that I wrote this article on my returnig from France where I had been watching French women as attentively as I could.

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Gloria Ochoa 15/12/2016 · #1

I would like to think the adage: Age is just a number holds true,..I hope that one would consider 40, 50 or even 60 not "old". LOL I do however think a lady should dress in what makes her feel comfortable. I presume Madonna has no problem with that, where as I have always preferred pencil skirts to mini skirts, even in high school. What depresses me is not what style is in my closet really...more like my my size has outgrown what is in my closet!
;) bzzzzzzzzzz

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