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Eurovision 2016. Ukraine.

Eurovision 2016. Ukraine.

Jamala - 1944 (Ukraine) at the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

Until the last day, I was calm because I did not believe that Europe will understand Jamala, like they don't understand me in general . But I was wrong ! And I must admit it was one of the most pleasant mistakes in my life! :)

Someone says that this song is not right for Eurovision for a number of their own reasons.

Perhaps among the " jumping rhythms ," track " 1944" is not the format for Eurovision. Maybe. But this is our position, position of Ukraine and Ukrainians . We would have looked weird among everyone jumping on stage during pop rhythms. As if nothing happens.

Like nobody annexed Crimea and Donbas. To jump as was jumping Russian singer Lazarev. Russia was "in a celebration ." As if nothing had happened. As if Russia has not invaded European country. As if not thousands died. As if this was not cursed Russian" Buk ", which downed MH-17. As if there was no Girkin and Motorola (Russian terrorists on Ukrainian territory), not millions of internally displaced, broken lives.

This is not about politics. This about life. Jamala reminded the world that among this shining and glittering celebrations in the center of the continent affects millions of people.

Eurovision 2016. Ukraine.

Eurovision 2016. Ukraine.

Jamala - is an amazing focal point of professionalism , humanity , openness and credulity got the universal recognition of free people - the true connoisseurs of talent .

In addition, Jamala personification of inner freedom and fidelity of the Crimean Tatar people to their Motherland - Crimea , courage, and dignity of the Ukrainian nation, who were first to stand up for Ukraine, when Russia started annexing Crimea in February 2014.

Seeing my friends from Crimea and Crimean Tatars wearing Ukraine's and Crimean Tatar flags last night make me even more happy with all of this. 
Thank you Jamala! 

Today is one of the very few days, when Ukrainians celebrate since last two years. Thanks all, who was celebrating it with me at 3am and was sending me messages from all over the world, you are the best )) 

And last thing. See you all in Ukraine's Crimea next May probably! Deadline has just been set for Russian occupants to get out, let's hope Eurovision will help with it :)