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I have worked under pressure and learned that it's not so easy but doable. I prefer meeting my deadlines on time so if there's anything missing then it makes it easier to rectify. I have learned a lot from doing side-by-side coaching as you get to interact with different emotions, personalities (people as a whole) which teaches one to humble themselves more and be understanding. 65

I have years of experience in working in the HR/Payroll department. I'm great with people and believe that as employees we need to respect each other in order to make the best of our jobs. I prefer working with deadlines as you get to measure your work, and goals and know what you want accomplished with the time specified. I have worked excellent with people and I enjoy working and learning new or more things. I enjoy challenging tasks as I sometimes gets bored from doing the same thing for long. I'm punctual and try my best to be as accurate as possible in my work. I happen to be people's person (so I have been told). Looking forward to joining the team Soon. I'm will be valuable in your work place and will not regret it.