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Bees and Ideas Engineering

Ideas producers are like the Bees. We fly around attracted to what goes on around us. We interact, much as a bee interacts with flowers, collecting pollen, and most importantly, pollinating so that life goes on. Pollination is likened to engineering, connecting things to bring purpose. Our pollen, inspirations, and the interaction of these, and our drive, evolve ideas. Ideas are what keeps humanity moving forward. I am an Ideas Engineer, and think that if you think, think big!Bees and Ideas Engineering This is Art2Start200 Lightscape. I changed the colour of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa using Lee Filters Gels. 12.5 million m2 and the Biggest Artwork in the World - made even bigger with Mother Nature and her 'Tablecloth' reflecting the colours. Amazing and I am honoured to have been able to do it. Thanks Sue and everyone else.

Mike Etienne