Some Popular Alternatives to Diamonds in Wedding Rings

Weddings are meant to be the rich and luxurious arrangements everyone admires for, but it is not mandatory to splurge a lot of money. It's the wedding season, right! You got the wedding proposal and planning to organize yours. You should host your ceremony smartly, because spending money is not an issue but waste, it doesn't look acceptable.

Traditionally, when you start planning for a wedding, you need to look for venue, decoration, transport, food & catering, guests & related services, wedding cards, cocktails, apparels and the most precious thing, joining two hearts together, "diamond ring." There are more expenses than the above, and you can think and work smartly, for example, by looking for wedding ring alternatives.

As the tradition preaches, the man gets down on bended knees and offers a ring with a precious diamond that costs more than nearly two months of his salary. But, the trends and traditions are changing with passes of time, and we are here with plenty of romantic, and classic alternatives to the diamond engagement rings.

Some Popular Alternatives to Diamonds in Wedding Rings

Have a look below:

There are thousands of gemstones all around the world which you can use as alternative to a diamond ring, these gems are:

Morganite stone

Morganite is one of the popular and hottest ring choices for the engagement ceremony. Its color is traditionally pink to orange pink and a variety of beryl. Beryl's green category is considered as an emerald, which gets the green color from trace amounts of chromium, and in some gems, the traces are build of Vanadium.

Garnet stone

Garnet combines the series of different minerals. Each mineral has its specific chemical formula. Due to the impurities residing in each mineral, garnets are available almost in every possible color. It can be a classy option to represent a unique statement.

Moissanite stone

It is a natural silicon carbide with similar appearance and characteristics of a diamond available at nominal cost. Mostly, it is available in natural resources, but nowadays it is developed synthetically due to its natural rarity.

Tanzanite stone

This gemstone is rare than the diamonds and recently discovered in Tanzania near Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is a deep rich blue colored stone, and sometimes it appears in purple hue


Oregon Sunstone has become a new trend to the engagement ceremony. The combination of copper color with Oregon makes it more attractive and unique.

These are some popular gemstones which you can look for your diamond engagement ring alternative, and even it will look more attractive than diamonds.

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