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10 Marketing Ideas for Your App

10 Marketing Ideas for Your App

Most of the computer-literate public today suffer from “app burnout”. No matter how useful or entertaining your new app is, the average smartphone user hears about a dozen new “killer apps” each week. After awhile, users pretty much tune out the hype unless someone or something makes the app appealing to them.

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If your app does something really well, the value proposition is already there - and all you need to do then is get people to try it. The old notion of “word of mouth” has become amplified today, with new media platforms such as social media, internet forums and instant messaging making it possible for news about a new app to go viral, spreading to hundreds of thousands of people within hours.

Check out this list of 10 marketing and growth hacks to get a few ideas about how to market your new app more effectively.

1. Go Where Your Target Audience Hangs Out: Airbnb

Define your target audience and track them down. Once you find out where they are, hitch a ride with whoever already has access to those people and tap into their resources to reach out to them. Learn how Airbnb leveraged Craigslist to give themselves a big initial marketing boost.

Establishing your target audience requires market research in creating your new app, a process that allows you to find the user demographics that are most suitable and likely to use your app. Read more about market research