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How to build your brand on a strong foundation

How to build your brand on a strong foundation

The lasting value of your brand depends upon building a strong foundation right from day one.

Ask any architect and they will tell you the most important aspect of building design is not the structure but its foundation. Of course foundations aren’t as glamorous as the stunning design of the architecture itself, but they are critical to supporting not only the weight of the structure, but essential to withstand the constant movement of the earth and the erosion of the soil around it.

Like any great structure, nothing is more fundamental to the enduring success of your early brand building initiatives than a strong foundation on which your bigger future will rest upon. The foundation you create will determine the stability and sustainability of your brand going forward.

Strong foundations are the beginning of brand success. If you don’t have a solid foundation for your brand firmly in place, it’ll be next to impossible to withstand the winds of eroding attention spans, clutter, competition and the unpredictable forces of marketplace change.

When entrepreneurs are visioning their future, the first action they must undertake is finding the right soil for building their dream on. Excellent builders start at the ground level…in the dirt building a foundation worthy of their highest ideals and biggest vision!

Building a strong foundation for your brand is the most important attribute in creating value for others. For entrepreneurs bringing new value to the marketplace, here are a few ideas to consider before you break ground on your next big brand idea:

Build your brand’s foundation on good ground.
Don’t build your castles in the sand is a timeless cliché you’ve heard time and again. It’s also timeless advice many entrepreneurs fail to heed.  In the mad rush to build awareness, trial and purchase, some like to take shortcuts and go right into advertising and promotion. Your brand’s “philosophy” is the “good ground” on which to build. The good ground of your brand’s philosophy will include its purpose, its true north, its values, its character and integrity. Does the philosophy of your brand support the successful design of its future?  Is your brand’s philosophy solid as bedrock or liquid as sand?

The brand foundation must fit naturally into the landscape that surrounds it.
In architecture it’s called site planning. In business and brand building it’s called strategic planning. Your foundation has to fit naturally and beautifully into the lay o