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In search of mastery.

In search of mastery.

To become a master at your art, your profession, or your business is a level we all aspire to, but there’s more to mastery than putting in your 10,000 hours.

Are you a master? Are you on the path to mastery in whatever is your calling? More and more entrepreneurs are thinking about mastery these days. As well they should–as mastery is essential for business success in the ultra-competitive global economy we find ourselves in.

Mastery is a trendy topic too.

Our popular business literature is full of proclamations of what mastery is and requires of people and organizations. I am particularly amused with the accepted idea that mastery is simply the result of 10,000 hours of practice.

How much time does it take to be a master at living your life on your terms?

Mastery of one’s own life is life’s work and there is no limit to your potential level of mastery–it’s going to take your entire lifetime.

You become the master of your destiny the very second you proclaim it. Nobody is going to acknowledge or bestow on you the powers of mastery.

Mastery is a choice you make for yourself about the quality of your presence demonstrated through your own thoughts, actions and behavior. And you can’t behave like a master until you recognize and appreciate the source of your own mastery–which has been with you since your birth.

The signs that guide your way.

Whether you know it or not, you are the hero of your life journey.

Along the way there are signs that will reinforce your belief that you are indeed walking your own master’s path. It requires awareness of what you're paying attention to.

The direction signs always come from within you. I like to call it “oneliness”– a.k.a., your purpose or reason for being.

On the road to mastery, you must acknowledge and follow your own natural inclinations and listen to the voice of your intuition. For many people, it’s a voice stilled by decades of conformity, shoe-horning their life to fit into somebody else’s mold or prescription for how things ought to be done.

Parents, teachers, bosses, the culture, even our own failures conspire to divert us from trusting the path of our own natural inclinations.

Paradoxically, life mastery is unattainable. Mastery is a life-long process, a path of fuller and greater expression to be traveled indefinitely… it’s not a status level or place of arrival. The only thing there is to master is your own hero’s journey. How ever long it takes. Life’s mastery (whatever the term means to you) is your Life’s Work… you’re here to be the fullest expression of you. That’s your job, your real business–to forever pursue the mastery of your own calling.

After you, they threw out the mold.

You are forever the only one of you. Embedded in your DNA are the unique, never-to be-duplicated codes for every aspect of your unique potential.

This includes, of course, your magnificent brain– a complex and sophisticated reality producing interface device that is the product of 6 million years of evolution. And you have come into this life with the code of your natural inclinations hard-wired right into your amazing brain. Your physical brain and non-physical mind are fully capable of imaging any idea you choose. Your natural inclinations are the clues for your masterful achievements. You have only to trust and use them.

These natural inclinations must have their due or your depression and unhappiness will have no end. Real success in life will always be elusive.

Let’s get down to business.

Along the way, we can get stuck on a plateau of one sort or another–a place where you first experience safety and comfort, but in time becomes a breeding ground for stagnation and entropy.

Everything in nature is governed by the “law of increase”, likewise, mastery will require you to continually increase your knowledge and your contribution of value to the world.

Like gravity, this creative force within you is always on. It’s absolutely imperative that you spend all your “time” engaged in your natural inclinations–those thoughts, ideas, activities and skills that bring you a never-ending source of energy, creativity and joy to innovate new value for your customers and clients.

When you follow the code of your embedded natural inclinations, embrace the value of your oneliness, and commit yourself to the mastery of your Life’s Work, you’ll find the plateaus of your business or professional life as nothing more than the welcome stairway to greater creative expression and fulfillment. 

Your realization of your mastery becomes an ever expanding and self-fulfilling prophecy.


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Max🐝 J. Carter 1/11/2016 · #2

The only mastery that exists is the master of self. One who masters oneself is powerful beyond imagination.

Wen one masters self one masters one talents one was born with and they become honed skills. Mast oneself and one masters life.

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