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Start your strategic planning with SWAG.

 Start your strategic planning with SWAG.

If you don’t have a strategy for taking your business to the next level, you can start by taking a strategic wild-ass guess.

Without a guiding strategy, your business is a ship without a rudder. In an unforgiving 21st century marketplace littered with clutter and noise, you’ll be adrift in a sea of tactics. Or put another way, throwing spaghetti on the wall hoping something will work.

When you’re dealing with the urgent, it’s easy to forget the important. For many early-stage entrepreneurs, strategic planning is easy to procrastinate on. The delivery side of the business typically consumes all the available bandwidth.

Make no mistake; a bigger future begins with a strategy!

We’ve all heard of a SWOT analysis–the rigorous assessment of current strengths and weakness as they relate to current and future opportunities and threats. Typically, strategic planning begins with an honest, objective look at the lay of land–both internally and out in the marketplace.

Not many early stage business owners can afford the fees of consultants and research firms to conduct such a rigorous analysis and assessment.

They must rely on their own intellect and intuition then take a strategic wild-ass guess on the right move

If this describes where you’re at right now, take heart there’s incalculable creative power in SWAG if you trust yourself. SWAG, like a SWOT defines calculated risk.

One is quantitative, the other qualitative.

If you are strategical