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The Four Pillars of Startup Business Success.

The Four Pillars of Startup Business Success.

The success of your startup business rests on a strong foundation to support your creativity (the inner game), and remarkable execution (the outer game).

How strong is your foundation in your startup business? In the unforgiving 21st marketplace full of clutter and noise, your success as a leader and as an organization is dependent upon four pillars:

– Your vision.

– Your leadership.

– The value you bring to customers.

– The influence you have in marketplace.

These four pillars form the foundation of an enlightened approach to life and business success. And they can be applied to every entrepreneur at every level of success and business type.

Take a moment to look at the diagram I’ve presented here.

The Four Pillars of Startup Business Success.
As you can see each pillar is interlocked to all others. One is of no use without the others.

Secondly, the four pillars support your “inner game” and your “outer game”. In other words, the quality of your strategic and creative thinking inside your head and within your organization must translate to the outer quality of your presence in the marketplace.

And finally the four pillars are comprised of different “material” that enhances the strength of each pillar.

The strength and clarity of your future based vision is determined by the strength and clarity of your desire and purpose.

The strength of your leadership (inside and outside)is determined by your disciplined actions.

The strength of your value to customers is determined by remarkable innovation.

The strength of your influence in the marketplace is determined by the results your customers experience with your products and services.

As you grow your startup business from early struggle phase to higher levels of success, these pillars not only need to be strengthened by you, but by everyone in your growing organization. Over time, these four pillars define your culture and guide its behavior in the marketplace.

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