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The odds and ends.

The odds and ends.

Sometimes the whole process of creation and innovation depends on using the so-called by-products– the odds and ends.

The by-products are something apart from the main article or effort of creation.The brick-a-brac. The odds and ends have tremendous value all their own.

What do you do with your spare time? How do you spend it? Where do you spend it? Do you value your time? Sometimes the whole process of creation and innovation depends on using the so-called by products– the odds and ends.

The point is this–we are all dealers in time.

Success depends upon the use of our time and its by-products, which we’ll call “odd moments”. Think about the odd moments that come with creating anything. Everything is connected to everything. Every minute you make useful and profitable adds to your life and the greater possibility of achieving the impossible.

Every minute lost is a neglected by-product. Once it’s gone it can never be recovered. Think about of all the odds and ends of your time–your commute to the office, waiting for appointments, taking a shower–and the scores of chances each day when you might use those odds and ends to read, to learn, to make new connections, to concentrate and work toward your impossible ideas.

Use your time, including the odd moments, constructively. If you’re killing time, your killing your potential for opportunity and advancement.

The bottom line is achieving an impossible idea or goal is the way we learn to use two valuable things–our time and our thoughts. Knowledge, skill and talent will not create success; it is the way we apply those assets that matters.

It’s important to remember that back of all our toil and struggle, under the dust, smoke and mess of our creations, the universe is friendly and supportive to our wildest dreams and imaginings. If you have an idea that seems impossible, that’s the one to put all your energy toward.

Think big. As Walt Disney says, “it’s kind of fun doing the impossible”.

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