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| 4-Blade Heat Powered SF-910B4 |

An Absolut Black Model with Absolut Black Blades.

| 4-Blade Heat Powered SF-910B4 |
4-Blade Heat Powered SF-910B4 - photo © 2017 Tiina Hölli 

A few weeks ago I bought

a heat powered heat circulation fan

for wood-burning stoves.

This is love.

It really works. It really really works !

First touch ! The installation of 4-Blade Heat Powered SF-910B4 is completed. - photo © 2017 Tiina Hölli 

" I just put it there and it started to function ! "

Tiina Hölli,  fresh owner of SF-910B4

Note : Tomato soup [ one of my special dishes, read more in Recipes | for all possible ] in the above photo was removed from in front of SF-910B4 right after this photograph of the first touch was taken. The idea is to keep the space clear in front of the fan. Notice also that the hatches of the stove are kept open when heating the room, and remember to check the corresponding position of the heating / cooking switch. And remember always to keep a full water kettel on the stove to protect the metal cover plate from the excess heat.

4-Blade Heat Powered SF-910B4 running on Högfors SiRO Nro 51- photo © 2017 Tiina Hölli 

After only 4 days of user experience of SF-910B4, and I could say that it is so very seldom that I find anything this much simple and useful and easy to use. I just put it there and it started to function !

So so far UX = 10 -

Adding the minus on the fifth user experience day - I noticed this uncomfortable flaw right away, though, but I forgot it because of the great effect on the heat circulating side. The minus comes from the very high frequency sound, which of course alters according to the speed of the blades, and possibly also affected if the stove's surface is even slightly bent.

I wonder if I were younger - let's say still in the crickets-hearing age, how much would that bother me then ? It is already being disturbing if there is no other noise. I bet it could turn out to be unbearable ? I will study it by moving the gadget around, but so far - still - the heat circulation is marvelous !

The heating module and cooking area of my kitchen. Notice the clever design of the wood carry - ex made it by turning a table upside down and add