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- just realized ... - 10 -

| Self-determination | 

the ability or right 

to make one's own decisions 
without interference from others. 

what is the difference between reacting, 
                                                             being ( living in expression ) 
and letting go 

( do not react )  
do not be lured to be the puppet on the string  
do not try to be the puppeteer  
or aim to be the Head of The Puppet Theater Drama Department  

these games were planted in you after you were born - they are not you  
and to play along is merely to be a tiny particle in a huge chainreactor  

( act )  
choose to be the loving spectator of The Whole Happening  
choose to act on your own determination - you were born that way  

( be / live in your expression )  
laugh and clap without noticing it even - just be the joy in you  
and choose to leave as you please by just walking away  

( and let go )  
leave all that drama behind you  
you do not need it anymore  
the joy is still in you to be in again and it is very light to walk with  

( so there is no reason to carry that whole heavy complex Theater with you )  

joy is more than enough  -  L O V E  is all you need  -  letting go is the answer  

from time to time  
it is wise to be advised  
and be adviced to  
Keep It Simple Stupid  


- just realized ... - 10 -

- just realized ... - 10 -


was originally written and published by © 2016 Tiina Hölli
Sunday 17.01.2016 16:54 - 18.01.16  02:20
in Tiina Hölli's blog : AIR BORNE in www.tiinaholli.weebly.com

Tiina Hölli  [ Holli ]
Finnish contemporary visual artist, curator and writer
lives and works mainly in Finland and Istanbul, Turkey.

Tiina Holli Jun 17, 2016 · #3

Met some cool people here in Li : @Lisa Gallagher and @Rebel Brown,
and a REALLY cool song by Liat : Saddle up

How did I happen to find this ---s a w in d back and forth in my mind now --- song ??

See the conversation in Rebel's new hive Beakout women


--- let me introduce to you : our @Gerald Hecht here is the COUSIN OF LIAT !!!
Read more about that :
the Liat YouTube -buzz is over here https://www.bebee.com/content/611185/590581?c=116523


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