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- just realized ... - 15 -

| it is good for you |  


Eat it - or eat it and weep   

What if all the children in this world   
were programmed differently from the beginning ?   

What if they were told day after day, meal after meal :   

You will eat this meat now, or as a punishment I will force you to eat this meat or forcefeed you with this meat or beat you and then you will cry and then you will eat this meat, but bygod you will eat this meat, hot or cold, nevertheless you will eat this meat in the end, I don't care how long it takes or how long you have to sit by this table until it is eaten, but you will eat it, and that is my final word. You will thank me when you are old. Now shut up and eat that meat. It is good for you.   

- just realized ... - 15 -   

- just realized ... - 15 -   

it is good for you     

was originally written by © 2016 Tiina Hölli   

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Tiina Hölli  [ Holli ]  
Finnish contemporary visual artist, curator and writer 
lives and works mainly in Finland and Istanbul, Turkey.