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- just realized ... - 26 -

| there |

She said
         he said
         he feels himself so  l o n e l y

he send her a videolink
         of a couple dancing

She said
        she had not known
        he was this much banal,
she said.

4 decades of being married

with the wrong one, she said,
who was so stubborn believing to be the right one
so trustful
so trustful and stuck
in his believing
in his being
The Only Right-(full-Owner) -one,

and now he 's eating Depression Pills
and saying he feels himself so  L O N E L Y

after doing always  e v e r y t h i n g  with her
( - She was  E V E R YT H I N G  to him  ! ! ! - )

e v e r y t h i n g,

he told
The Mother,
and The Mother called Her,
The Mother called Her and Said, girl -

be kind to this boy.

He does not deserve this.

He S U F F E R S

What could She do to end his sufferings ?

    He already had had 40 Years of Rotten Marriage
    with a horrible, horrible insane woman,
who had lied to him all these years
    he told her, when kicked her out of His House,
    and NOW he feels himself LONELY ?

She shook her head, in her head
she shook her head in her head she shook her head

did a little Google search

and reversed him
and his undeletable wrong songs
and send him a link to the local dancing school
for clumsy beginners.

- just realized ... - 26 -

- just realized ... - 26 -   


was originally written by   2016 Tiina Hölli 15.07.2016 15:45

and published 19.07.2016  22:00 in Tiina Hölli's blog : Writer in www.tiinaholli.weebly.com

Tiina Hölli  [ Holli ]  
Finnish contemporary visual artist, curator and writer

lives and works mainly in Finland.

Tiina Holli Jul 30, 2016 · #12

#11 ( umm ----> thankyou ... ) http://tiinaholli.weebly.com/writer/lost

Gerald Hecht Jul 30, 2016 · #11

@Tiina Holli It's brilliant, wish I saw it faster..this "Just Brilliant" is beyond brilliant it's like 12 layers of 3 people over nearly half a century all in one moment ...wow! #9

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Gerald Hecht Jul 30, 2016 · #10

@Tiina Holli we can start mobilizing... I mean motorizing auditions...performance art pieces, with flash-mobs, TSA agents; kind of like "Keystone Cops Meets "Hard Day's Night in the age of International Terrorism: The Musical" #8

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Tiina Holli Jul 30, 2016 · #9

I am grateful for what you wrote about me. Thank you. One rarely gets such pearls.
" @Tiina Holli yes. You are a genius with words; which you also use more efficiently than anyone I know "
when I said to you there at Henri's Art-marketing -parlour that
Conflicts usually are based on misunderstandings.
Conflicts can also be based on mutual understanding about too small food supplies.

Thank you Gerry.

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Tiina Holli Jul 30, 2016 · #8

#7 yes but Gerry just imagine - what an international group performance https://www.bebee.com/content/696392/693423#c1

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Gerald Hecht Jul 29, 2016 · #7

@Tiina Holli well, I've learned a couple of things just now: 1) The motoluggothingie guy is no Steve Jobs, and 2) in any "case", the thingie can't be called art.; so that's two strikes #5

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Gerald Hecht Jul 29, 2016 · #6

@Tiina Holli I t never happened to me before...and in New Orleans?! I could tell he probably just graduated the police academy, lol; he didn't arrest me; but he (trying not to laugh) told me "to move along" and as an afterthought, asked me if I had a place to stay? Then, (my face still a mask of disbelief) he asked me if I knew where to apply for license... I WAS JACKSON SQUARE for cryin' out loud #4

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Tiina Holli Jul 29, 2016 · #5

#3 narrow escape with my guitar case https://www.bebee.com/content/696392/693423#c1

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