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A Scottish Island for Sale !

| KODA, tofubiogas & Tanera Mòr |

The Kalisari pilot project on island Java Indonesia

Indonesia has thousands of tofu producers, and producing tofu is not quite as harmless when it comes to environmental questions about wastewater. This issue has been solved in the village of Kalisari, on the Indonesian island Java. The village runs now on an alternative source of cheap, renewable energy: the soybean.

The village’s around 150 small tofu businesses used to throw out water they used in making tofu out of soybeans. This liquid contaminated local water supplies and the rice fields. Now this wastewater is converted into a clean-burning biogas instead of polluting the environment.

Harnessing power from unconventional sources holds enormous potential. Now the local government on Java builds bigger digester tanks to produce more biogas.

A Scottish Island for Sale

A tiny island off the north west coast of Scotland called Tanera Mòr was a Viking port, and it has been occupied since the Viking times. In the 1930s, radical young scientist and writer Frank Fraser Darling transformed large parts of moor into fertile land using manure and shell sand. Over the last 15 years more than 164,000 native trees have been planted in a successful effort to give protection to the land.

Current owners, the Wilder family, bought the island in 1996 after selling their dairy farm in Wiltshire. The island is currently run by Mr Wilder's daughter Lizzie and her husband Richard Williams.

" After many happy years of calling Tanera home, it is time for someone else to have the privilege of looking after this amazing place. We hope that whoever owns the island in the future will enjoy the same warm and co-operative relationship with the community that we have for the past 17 years ", said Lizzie Williams.

Now Tanera Mòr is a self-sufficient island with its own 24-hour electricity, sourced from wind turbines and generators, freshwater treatment, communication line, broadband, and the 10 traditional stone structures : the main building – the Old School House – and nine cottages, which have all been restored. Island has on-going support and commitment from the local Coigach community living on the mainland.

The 323.7 ha Tanera Mòr is the only inhabited island of the Summer Isles, currently inhabited by the owner couple The Wilders plus thriving tourist enterprise. It is the main island of these Summer Isles, an idyllic archipelago a mile and a half off the northwest coast of Scotland near Ullapool. With seven miles of rugged cliffs, sheltered coves and beaches, the island is 1.6 miles long and 1.2 miles wide - and I bet it has spectacular views. There are lots of videos about Tanera Mòr in YouTube, just search - for example this View from Tanera Mor over Summer Isles, Coigach, Assynt and Loch Broom or a Summer Isles Boat Trip.

What about art, writing - and, close to my heart - the painting light ? Writing courses are organized, and on island's website the description of summer 2016 Writing Retreat was delightful. The answer about the painting light is also on Tanera Mòr's own website : " With its wonderful light and position by the shore, some of the residential art courses use part of the café as a studio during the summer months. "

The whole island is for sale at $2.3 million,
and it's been on the market since 2013.

Well well well ...

... hmmmm ... ...  ... ...

Well hmmm what if there were a few additional modern artist's white studio cubes for Modern Abstract Painters like myself ? You know - just for me and a close colleague. Am not thinking about converting anything to a tourist trap here, good heavens. A Modern Abstract Painter like myself is horrified of the thought of tourshits hurling around my cubes.

Kodasema creates KODA - a tiny prefabricated house design

Estonian Kodasema is a design collective. Their brilliant tiny prefabricated dwelling KODA is designed to be moved to a new location in less than a day. Kodasema calculates that both assembly and dismantling time of KODA can be kept under seven hours, making it easy for residents to relocate.

" In our minds KODA can become whatever you want – a city-centre home, a lakeside summer house, a cosy café, an office, workshop or studio or even a classroom ", Kodasema is saying.

The building has  quadruple-glazed facade, which maximises natural light and prevents heat loss.  Solar panels mounted on roof generate more power than the building uses. So the cube owner is only to find a site with suitable water, sewage and electricity points, but if not, then the house generates and conserves its own energy. So it can be used in remote settings like Tanera Mòr. Perfect !

KODA was first exhibited at the Tallinn Architecture Biennale in 2015, and has been shortlisted for the Small Project prize at the World Architecture Festival 2016.

... hmmmm ... ...  ... ...

I could really draw a line here between some dots, couldn't I yes I could.
Now all I need is $2.3 million. And a biogas-helicopter.

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- just realized ... - 27 -

- just realized ... - 27 -   

| KODA, tofubiogas & Tanera Mòr |

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A Scottish Island for Sale at $2.3 million.