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- just realized ... - 31 -

| two worlds collide |

... rocking lazyly in the summer swing in the gentle shadow of a porch
again and again June breeze turns into a wild wind and then back breezing
and then wild again with the birds
and the sunshine singing
outside my mosquito net

what a wonderful little world this is inside my summer bubble breeze wafting my hair

lifting a hot cup of black brewed coffee to my lips for my sips -

and suddenly sssSSSWOOOOOSHHHH ! ! ! !

a tiny little tiniest of the tiny mosquito spurts out of my mouth like a firecracker
a space shuttle landed in my coffee cup  in a mission to find out what is out there
in a split of a second a narrowly escaping missile
speeding horizontally aimed at

freeeeeeeeeedoooo o  o  o   o    o     o      m       !

into the vast wide out open


and splats
against the mosquito net 

- just realized ... - 31 -

- just realized ... - 31 -   

| two worlds collide |

was originally written and published by © 2017 Tiina Hölli 29.06.2017 14:14

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Tiina Hölli  [ Holli ]  
Finnish contemporary visual artist, curator and writer

lives and works mainly in Finland.

Lately Tiina Hölli has been focusing on trying to capture in a photo the changing color tones of "Limone" -

a painting from 2005, which she restored 2017, and which is now for sale in Saatchi Art for 5.410 USD.

If you are interested in obtaining a unique piece from Tiina Hölli, well - this is it.

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