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- just realized ... - 32 -

| ... this painting is impossible ! |

- just realized ... - 32 -


Challenge :


I have a painting here that literally crushes everything around it.


It changes the intensity of its colors depending on the light and its surroundings in a way that I have not seen before in my other coloristic paintings. The colors of this painting change according to the surrounding natural light's cycle during the day more than I have seen in any other painting in a way that does not kill the painting.

It just becomes multiple paintings.

At the same time that I am irritated by the extra work that this painting causes by refusing to be properly photographed and described, I am facing all the symbolic and philosophical aspects that this phenomenon in this painting brings in front of me.

What is the value of authenticity ?

Shouldn't that be the most valuable there exists ?

I am still trying to catch a transition by abstract, coloristic painting.

From materiality to immateriality.

From immateriality to materiality.

From the basic buffers of being to the ultimate lightness of Being.

How is it done ?

- just realized ... - 32 -   

| ... this painting is impossible ! |

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