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- just realized ... - 9 -

| define yourself |

You are 
the most knowledgeable and informed individual 
of only one thing 
on this Earth : 

you and your own life. 

You are the best information source 
of your own actions and reactions 
during your lifespan. 

It is logical to think, 
that this would give access to all secrets you carry. 

But still you are not able to give a satisfactory, 
all-inclusive definition of the person you are. 

You do not know yourself. 

You do not know enough 
about yourself 
to give a steady definition of yourself. 

In fact, you do not know anything about yourself, really. 

You do not even know about that Nothing in yourself. 

So if you know this little about even yourself, 
how little must you then know about anything at all ? 

If you cannot even define yourself, 
how come you are so quick 
to give definitions of other persons and things 
on this Earth ? 

- just realized ... - 9 - 

- just realized ... - 9 -

define yourself

was originally written and published by © 2016 Tiina Hölli
17.04.2016 17:54
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Tiina Hölli  [ Holli ]
Finnish contemporary visual artist, curator and writer
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Zack Thorn Apr 23, 2016 · #9

#8 ;-)

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Tiina Holli Apr 17, 2016 · #8

#7 Sometimes these Theaters of Life can continue into old age with everybody else around quite aware of the total self-denial that a certain person leads his or her life, but - it is their lives, so ... what to do ... ? Not much to do. If one is not a Koan Master, it is not likely one is able to give succesful wake up calls without too much interference in the whole environment - and vacillation on a carrier wave can be fatal - ref. tsunami domino effect ... and it might always come back to the source of the interference ... So thus the advice " Live and let live ". But one can play around and sometimes throw baskets with the balls even. So thus the advice " If even one ... ". I am being cryptic because it is my role here.

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Álvaro Beltrán Apr 17, 2016 · #7

I believe not so many people really know themselves. We tend to idealize and underestimate ourselves, depending on nature and mood. Most people just need to face a problem or an argument with someone to realize that they are not as they thought, for better or for worse.

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Tiina Holli Apr 17, 2016 · #6

awareness ...

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Zack Thorn Apr 17, 2016 · #5

Something for people to keep in mind when they go to the doctor and blindly put their life in the doctors hands.
Come to think of it, this applies even more to anyone foolish enough to place their trust in a psychiatrist.
I better quit there or people might think I'm a cynic. But..............

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Tiina Holli Apr 17, 2016 · #4

: )

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Tiina Holli Apr 17, 2016 · #3

... [ and, of course, by saying so, and claiming it as a F A C T, I am again assuming a whole lot ... ]

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Tiina Holli Apr 17, 2016 · #2

#1 Thank you @Pedro Gómez for reading and for your comment. Yes, you are right, and I also find it very interesting : The fact is, that we know nothing at all about anything, basicly, but we assume a whole lot : )

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