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Sometimes I meet someone cool.

" Several years ago I realized that

part of my real work as an Artist

was to be with me. "

Kym Dolcimascolo : Solitude is Part of Our Real Work as Artists

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Kym Dolcimascolo - Creative and Artist Coach - Creative Visions Rising. YouTube 24.11.2015

" Kym Dolcimascolo is one of the most open, sharing and cheerful personalities that I have come to know thru a social media discussion thread. She is fearless and ready to take a challenge, and she is fun. To me these personality traits are essential. I am looking forward to follow how Kym Dolcimascolo's path continues ! "

Tiina Hölli's recommendation February 15, 2016 in Kym Dolcimascolo's beBee -profile and LinkedIn -profile

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Kym Dolcimascolo : It is time to LAUGH!!! YouTube 25.10.2015

Some excerpts from Kym Dolcimascolo's blog posts in October 2016 :

" The world doesn’t do “alone” very much or very well anymore.  Solitude is not a big hit with most people.  There is almost a fear of it.  But with Artists it is a part of our thriving.  What we do does NOT just come from our hands.  What we do is driven by who we “be”.  Our brain, our heart and our higher self all needs some time alone, some silence and/or some solitude to produce our Art in. "

Kym Dolcimascolo Oct 18, 2016 :  Solitude is Part of Our Real Work as Artists

" Before we even start to talk about Art Blogging we should probably be really clear that an Art Blog isn’t your answer to becoming known or selling you Art overnight. Nop. Sorry.  Blogging is a long haul game of creativity and passion. Make no mistake about it … posting regularly to a blog takes time and that is time away from your Art. It will also take patience, persistence, commitment, effort, and passion.  Why then would any Artists want to blog?   Basically because, over time, the rewards can be incredible! "

Kym Dolcimascolo Oct 27, 2016 :  Artist Blogging for Juicy Benefits

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