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Originally here was YouTube -video :

Jukka Ahola : P7120384 - Kohtaaminen Laajasalon kanavassa

This Jukka Ahola's video about an encounter in Laajasalo canal in Helsinki Finland was published in Jukka Ahola's YouTube Channel April 22, 2015. It had gathered only a couple of Views and 0 Likes since it was published when I found it 3 weeks ago.

I was The First to Like.


The maker of this video, Jukka Ahola seems to be the owner of one of my 4-sided square paintings called # 12 from series " 4 x 28 = 107 " . This series has been a work in progress since January 2002. That painting was bought from The Sales Event of Finnish Painters' Union in 2005 by a private collector in Helsinki. The painting is from 2002, and one of the first finished ones in that series, named in my notes also by its working title " Traffic Sign ". I was spending much time with it -  it was painted with many layer experiments during about four months in Nuuksio Espoo , where I had my studio at that time in February - May 2002 when I painted that work. It is a color study, and when painting it, I found out how to imitate silvery impression with contrasting payne's gray to certain warm pigments. It is one of the first in that painting series that I myself thought that I achieved real results in my color studies. By Google Search I found this painting documented, photographed and presented on Jukka Ahola's website Jukka Ahola Photography, also more details about his life, his art collection and his own photography.

double cool

This video " Jukka Ahola : P7120384 - Kohtaaminen Laajasalon kanavassa " is so pure and so highly to my taste in its minimalistic esthetics and color palette ( even with that slightly tilted horizon and the effect of the air pressure of the passing boat - I am guessing - on the stability of the camera am I right ? ) , and in addition to this I had the privilege to be the first Liker, which is so cool to hit that first Like to a pure account, and thus lets me start counting something from and at zero point in time and space, and as you might have already guessed from this and several other different clues on my site that I am a number and statistics frik ( yes frik I also am a woman of Alphabets ) and having all the time serious fun all by myself in my bat cave monitoring and enhancing the development of my personally handpicked quality stuff's work in progress. So I get kicks out of this kind of littlegreat enjoys of Life ... so, I think am gonna Like also this particular journey of following what happens to this masterpiece in the bizarre whimsical mega happening we often refer humbly as " The World ".

triple cool

... so this is a salute to fours,
            firsts, encounters,
                 " co-incidences ",
                       4 times and works in progress I Like.

four times cool

... and then 2016-07-31 ...

... pheew am i ever so glad once again being non-reproducer miself ...

... user's little son has decided to become a famous YouTube -blogger
    and has removed all dad's videos ...

... I wonder what happens to his plans when dad finds out ...

Written & Photo & Published by 2016 Tiina Hölli 24.07.2016 14:40 on Tiina Hölli's website www.tiinaholli.weebly.com

as  |    P7120384    |  and edited 26.07.2016 21:20. Video shared also in G+ Tiina's Collection 24.07.2016 17:40

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Tiina Holli Jul 31, 2016 · #25

#24 Yes ! And it was esthetical not so pretty to look at that gigantic grey YouTube -icon " The user has removed the video ..." here .... I left them though in my original posts on my website blogs http://tiinaholli.weebly.com/conceptual---air-borne/-of-interest-i-found-a-really-cool-video

Gerald Hecht Jul 31, 2016 · #24

@Tiina Holli I gotcha...such is life, and performance art ;-) #23

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Tiina Holli Jul 31, 2016 · #23

Edited " a bit " AKA removed the video haha ... : DDDD and looking forward to replacing it in my post again if situations change - such is life

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Gerald Hecht Jul 24, 2016 · #22

#21 @Tiina Holli me too...

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Tiina Holli Jul 24, 2016 · #21

okay my short fused fiery Finnish temper just burned out and is shivering in low energy. Signing out tadaa

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Tiina Holli Jul 24, 2016 · #20

Lesson learned : to be able to give meta data you are to jump out of the box.

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Tiina Holli Jul 24, 2016 · #19


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Tiina Holli Jul 24, 2016 · #18

#14 #1 I am trying again because those refs did not turn into blue links in my previous box. So am kind of giving meta data here out of the box ..?

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