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99% of You Tube is done by Trolls....

99% of You Tube is done by Trolls....

Now that  I have your undivided attention; 99% of you tube is not done by trolls but the number is rather high. This is what I find  aggravating and annoying and just down right frustrating.

I try to remain educated and informed even after high school and college. When I started college at San Diego State University  back in the fall semester of 1990, the internet was in  its baby stages. Remember AOL... you got mail !

That annoying dial up tone before high speed internet and Roadrunner fixed that problem. Chat rooms  were fun to meet new people but that  went away like the dinosaurs of old. I have  had friends go bust in the dot com revolution. 

Everyone   just gravitates online since all your work and pleasure needs are just a click away. Need to  perform a budget or crunch some numbers, open up Excel.

Do you have a report that needs to be written up before your next  term paper? MS Word is at your disposal. And remember you will have to update your computer in 24 hours otherwise your files might be exposed with virus or malware or space aliens.

Ok... what's you point? Ever take the time to read the comments on any post or blog whatever the issue... fill in the blank...

Religion, Racism, Trump and CNN ( Russia collusion.. voting), sports,  social issues, healthcare...

You get the picture. Not all the time but most of the comments I see are gross,  vile, inappropriate, racist, sexist and the hate speech goes both ways. 

Nothing gets done or accomplished and it  just gets the flesh involved. I want to  drive home a simple point with  a few  cases.

I like seeing other sides to a story even if my   religious or political views don't always line up. Some people will claim   the internet and social media outlets allow a platform for ideas to be shared and possible work and networks to be established.

So far.... so good.

You have  find out really quickly you are not the center of the universe and there is truth and people's opinions. I once entered into a conversation with an online person about a religious text. I will not  dive into the details. but I challenged the person to explain what  he is seeing  that I am not; I was curious how he was deciphering the text. He just  had this unorthodox teaching. To make  along story short, I told him this was not a good use of my time since he was becoming vulgar in his language.

HIs last comment to me  before he logged off was this and Im paraphrasing:  : HAHA,, you loser. I am just a high school senior and going off to college soon. You are so stupid to think that I would take this seriously."

This is why I placed the title in my post. Its when young people  are just wasting time and   cannot carry an intelligent conversation about the so called subject. Most of you tube are cat videos and  the younger generation playing with weird algorithms to make  money off of comedy and whatever hits the social media bandwagon.

I know of friends who have you tube channels that have fantastic material but their views and likes are low compared to the general mayhem on viral videos that cater to the masses. This seems wrong at some level.

One final example is when I responded to a  video about a young athlete claiming to perform a feat that  cannot be duplicated by professional athletes. I will not  say the name because I'm sure he  is a great athlete  and he has awesome potential.

This young man was featured on national tv after his video went viral showing a suppossed football he threw to himself going  almost 50 yards as he  chases it down and catches the same football.

Has anyone ever taken a class or physics or know about fight trajectory? Apparently this young high school  kid at the time wanted a football scholarship.. so he decided to take  a video of  his  football speed.

But he lied.

If he would have   stated up front it s a staged video and fake he just wanted to showcase his athletic ability to potential universities; I would  have let it go. But then we have  his high school coach verifying its true and  this coach perpetuates the same lie. And people on the internet  eat this up like its the gospel.

This is wrong. IF anyone with any knowledge of you tube knows this is creative editing and special effects, For example at the bottom of   you tube channels is the setting account where you can speed up and slow down how  fast people run, throw, and jump. This was debunked a long time ago.

This is why its difficult to trust people on the internet with people  just making up their  version of reality. Either show proper evidence or documentation or just state upfront you are doing  propaganda to make money.

I will  always give the benefit of the doubt but if I disagree with you; don't call me a racist or  hate speech  or  do not understand " Black lives matter" or I don't  know what it likes to be a minority or pull out the race card. That gets old really quick. I have friends  from all walks of life with  whom I have  respectful disagreements.

Stop being a troll and living out of Grandma's basement.

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But grandma has high speed internet and makes great biscuits:) Knits a mean sweater too. Couldn't resist.

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