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Can this timeless riddle of the Sphinx help in Economics and Branding ?

Can this timeless riddle of the Sphinx help in Economics and Branding ?

Spoiler alert... THe answer is Man.

Much can be gained from the Ancient Greeks and poets and the classical works of Aristotle and  Oedipus and so on... 

But let me digress back to the answer: Man.

Why???  Because  man starts life as a baby and  crawls on all 4 until they are old enough to walk on both legs, then in latter years , man uses a cane.

We could easily  divide life into stages of development  about how life functions and this  could be done using a  simple timeline.....

Baby stage ( infancy): Birth till 18 months or 2 years old relatively until the infant learns muscle control.  Complete dependency upon parents and it takes a village to raise a child.

Child to teenager to young adult to working adult to retired age ( maybe 65 traditional age other factors taken into consideration might  be  younger or older): Independent and self sufficient ( more or less)

Latter years:  This is all subjective maybe past 90 years some older or younger... some placed in  nursing homes or living back with  children  and grandchildren to enjoy travel and retirement.Combination of being dependent, self sufficient, and interdependent.

Here in America, an eclectic approach is taken for economics. A delicate approach of capitalism, socialism, and free market models are implemented to make the engine functional for everyday affairs, whether on a local, state, national, and international scale.

There is no perfect utopian system. See my previous post under my profile.

But we can learn to grow, mature, avoid too many mistakes, and contribute to the local economy and spread the wealth around. 

Branding should be done to solve problems and perhaps the never ending riddle of economic stability and job growth.

I take the unconventional  approach to problem solving because for me is gets the creative juices flowing and I enjoy the challenge.

If I was a  mythical creature or some  melting hybrid from ancient Greek and Roman culture; it would be a cross between Hermes ( the god of the messengers) with the body of a white tiger ( just my preference).