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The simple yet complicated alphabet soup of the PRICE of freedom ? Who am I?

The simple yet complicated  alphabet soup of the PRICE of freedom ? Who am I?

First off much thanks to Samra who offered up a cover jacket for my next book. Everyone on Bebee already knows the content. It is just a re hash of my pieces here on Bebee. 

My time machine is not working... for some unknown reason.

But as  I sit here at the dinner  counter indulging in some dessert heaven ( chocolate  cake and ice cream); I ponder the wonders and mysteries of the world. So before I slip into a  food coma and go to be bed early.... I  try to return to a simpler time. How do I explain to anyone who I first meet who ask the simple yet profound question... Who are you? WHo am I?

What do you do for a living?  Tell me about yourself...

People  tend to rattle over the normal stuff but then I thought to myself I am going to absolute nuts and tell the person what I really think and who I am and what I Try to do in life and my purpose in life and my  general mojo for living...

Here goes ladies and gentleman... buckle your seat belts   because you are about to read the most amazing thing using the 26 letters of the alphabet as I attempt to explain my political views, religious ideology, cultural views and economic theory in life in a condensed version. Enjoy....

A... I could be a Arminian but Jacob Arminius did not die for my sins. But he had some good stuff. I could have  gone into Agriculture but its very taxing upon the body but the benefits seem rewarding.

B.... I could be a Baptist but there are too many versions and as a friend  told me once John the Baptist  never started a church ... he pointed  people to Christ. I an a bible believer but alot like the Apostle Paul I never settled always on the move. I  am  a buyer beware type of economics person. Take everything with a grain of salt. Give credit where credit is due. Be skeptical and give  people the benefit of the doubt.

C... I was raised Catholic but tend to be more OLd Catholic. I am curious by nature and offer my time as caretaker for anyone in need.  I would like to live in castle but  trying to clean that many  bathrooms is not my cup of tea. Perhaps a  simple cottage by the sea... you know the kind you see in Thomas Kinkade paintings. I am conservative politically but it really depends upon the issue. My political spectrum could  be Republican first, then Democrat, and third Independent. But then again sometimes I am  Democrat first then second Ind, and Republican last. And there are times I don't always fall into easily  defined identity politics and say I am not partisan and tell all the goofballs the media and the white house is playing hockey puck with your brain and you are indoctrinated. Go with Jesus; that never fails.

D. I am dispensational in truth  but I will not try to define it. Look up some old fashioned fundamentalists  about 100 years ago and they  would do a better job. I used to dig holes for a living. Yeah residential construction with plumbing but its bck breaking work . I grew some muscles and my arms got bigger  but then the reccession hit and the weather is  too darn hot. I work with my mind more now. Its more fun. Educational discourse is fun and you learn alot more about people online and offline if they have the brain power to keep up.

E.... Evangelical, easy going and easily entertained by anything but I am  by no means an extremist. Wait that is not true;; I am extremely funny and  extremely goofy and extremely adventurous. but that is not what people mean By extremism.

F... Fun, fair play,  I love good food and fellowship. 

G.  Giving heart and likes eating gummy bears. Who doesn't?

H. A sense of humor and hearty handshake and warm  hug will extend your lifespan.

I. Informed hopefully  less ignorant then yesterday. Today has been insightful.

, and tomorrow has not yet happen but could be invigorating.

J. God id judge, jury, and the supreme justice in the universe. I try to follow his lead. I dont like jury duty that much. Last time I went i was placed as an alternate. I heard the case but was not allowed in the jury room due to weird laws. If i worked in this industry; I would immediately change this rule. I have read many of John Grishman novels  so I  am smarte than the average bear.

K. Know thyself. Know God Personally. Know thy enemy and win him over  to your  side with persuasion and wit.

L. Love  conquers all. Let this be the hidden driver.

M. Money is the root of all evil. But a  modest amount of money keeps you honest. I should have linked letter l  with this point. The love of money is the real enemy.... most people should know this.

N. GEt the dog neutered unless you really love puppies.

O...I am orthodox but once again  i would have to give some academic definition. I would like to visit Oxford university some day  just to see the culture... but....

P. This requires a passport... Everyone wants to travel the world  meet new people   create new memories take some pictures .

Q... BE quiet and still and just listen to the classics like Beethoven, Mozart and let the music  soak in...

R. Relax I believe in naps. Time to  renew and restore your own health is  key to a long life.

S....Sleep  we are human after all. You bother me while i am sleeping it better be an emergency....

T.   Time  there is only 24 hours in   a day I cannot change this.

U.... Unconditional love like a dog.

V.... VAseline is helpful in some areas of life. Im  running out of material.

W.    Water is life. Stay pure.

X... Xrays are not fun...

Y...Say YEs more often than No. dont be a party pooper.

Z.  LIfe is  a zoo.. Planet earth is a melting pot of zoo animals. GEt along with everyone as best you can.

THE END !!!!

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#1 good to lknow im normal. i thought it was original but to each his own

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you sound like a Christian. That is pretty normal for American white males. I thought you were going to say something original, but this is pretty common.

+1 +1