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What is McDonald's thinking?

What is McDonald's thinking?

The golden arches and upper management have attempted to try something new. I'm on the fence about this technology. On the one hand, kiosks ordering is on the rise and restaurant owners and managers think this is the new wave of customer service. Corporate thinks this will delay wait  times and get orders more accurate. Maybe???

Let us wait and see.

This is what I do not like about the system. After reading a few articles online about this topic, management informs the public this will not eliminate the need for cashiers. Hey i was a cashier as my first  job in the restaurant industry. But I was also cross-trained in cooking food, cleaning, inventory control,  cash flow transactions, basic customer service. and there were opportunities to help on Corporate  catering events and receive extra hours. It was fun, make lots of friends, got important  entry level skills that can  help to land future jobs. My first job was at San Diego's Wild Animal Park.

There was great variety in different food restaurants big and small. Sometimes on a weekend I could hold  down a small standing kiosk where it served drinks, popcorn, ice cream bars, and churros. ( yummm)

You  could  be outside in the nice weather and interact with people from all over the World and enjoy interacting in person with live human beings. The only technology we utilized was an old fashioned cash register. Touch screens were not invented. Credit card machines were done manually at times or there was a quick  swipe. 

You the employee had to  learn long hand with paper and pencil. No  scanners or barcodes where no brain power is used.

I remember when I was home from college I once started working at Circle K ( similar to 7-11). I could remember half the items in the store by just memory and know the sales tax and CRV and a pack of Marlboro Lights before you could say Johnny Appleseed.

You  actually had to think and to  believe it or no; it was fun.

OK... what's your point Tim... I have  either seen or read most of your articles and you are probably go and lay into Ronald McDonald and wonder if Ray Croc if he was still alive  would he  be all in with this new latest tech or go ballistic.

It is comical when customers  come into the  fast food chain and they have no clue to operate a  touch screen. Now to be fair, some of these customers were probably not  into it or just wanted to make sure they were doing it correctly.

But the younger generation should   know this since they spend 18  hours a day looking at their smart phones.

But here is the problem...

No one says hello....

No one says Good Morning or Good afternoon and these employees see the   exact same people every week.

No smile.

On Saturday before going into work  down the street for a few hours to help out I decided to grab a quick burger and drink. Guess what.. there is no place to put cash into the kiosk just  a card reader.

Sorry charlie. I know the company makes money from the machine. but if  Corporate is smart enough to but these machines get one where you put the cash in. But after you make your order then the  system prints out a receipt maybe 2 inches long with your order and you can take it to the  cashier to ring up your order and give you change.

This is stupid. It would have been  3 times faster if  I just yelled my order over the counter. 

Now here is where it gets even more comical. The young person taking the order is having difficulty  ringing up my order to give me the exact change. I ordered a McDouble and a medium Coke. The total is exactly $3.23.  I hand over $4.00

Change is $.77 cents.  I do not need a calculator and this is not Calculus or advanced math.  I am not joking maybe the cashier is not focused or she cannot  get the  register open but  i could have jumped over the counter and did it myself in  a new Winter Olympic time.

Then when I finally get my change I get another receipt.  WHY?    What is the  blood point of giving me another receipt?

There is only 8 people in the restaurant. 3 people are already seated and  enjoying their food. There is my self. The other 4 people are probably downloading an app on their smart phone as they try to decipher the new McDonalds kiosk.

Holy Crap people.   See the 5 year old touch the screen as the  child touches the button that shows a picture of french fries. This is not rocket science.

This is fast food. No time for customization even though the machine allows you to do this. Its McDonalds,  the menu did not change over night.

These are my 2 cents to anyone listening at Corporate. Either give me a full receipt from the kiosk and save some paper so you dont have to ring my order up twice. also  what happens when a huge  group comes in. Jump on the register and provide real customer service. And create a rewards  program where you can win a cool prize for using the kiosk. Give me a prize with my happy meal.

Lyon Brave 4/3/2018 · #2

t is sad that this will eliminate jobs, but the cashier position has been on the decline for a longtime with self-serve checkouts. This is why it is important to get unique skills because jobs anybody with little training and education are fast being wiped out.

Brian McKenzie 12/2/2018 · #1

The kiosk is what happens when 'Fight for 15' meets reality. Expect it to spread. The girls at Hooters are soon to be replaced too. Wait & See.

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