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Cleaning Checklist Before Relocating with a Commercial Removalist Sydney

Cleaning Checklist Before Relocating with a Commercial Removalist Sydney

Before you move into your new office, you may want to do a bit of cleaning. The last thing you want is to deal with arranging items and installing computers when there are dirt and grime everywhere. So, before the commercial removalist Sydney moves your stuff to the new location, you’ll want to ensure that the whole place is sparkling clean.

Disinfecting and tidying up your new office is even more important now that we’ve seen how easy it is for viruses such as COVID-19 to spread. So don’t skip the cleaning, especially if you’re moving into an office that was recently occupied by another business.

Here’s a checklist of places to clean out and sanitize your new space so you can start your operation germ- and worry-free.

1. Reception Area

If the new workspace you’re moving into has a reception area, this is a great place to start cleaning. Wipe down any glass on the inside and outside using a glass cleaner, and any counters and existing furniture must be disinfected.

You’ll also want to check the vents and windows for any dust accumulation. Similarly, don’t leave behind any cobwebs and fingerprint marks around the reception area. These are unsightly and won’t make such a good impression on guests and potential clients.

2. Cubicles

Any cubicles that are left behind and you plan to use should also undergo a thorough cleaning before the commercial removalist Sydney moves in your office items. You can start by simply dusting up the surfaces, then disinfecting them.

Any drawers should also be wiped with a damp cloth so dust doesn’t end up flying everywhere. If there are any trashcans left behind, it’s a good idea to empty and disinfect them, then replace the liners with fresh ones.

3. Kitchen or Break Room

If there are any appliances left behind, you can ask the office removalists to get rid of them, or you can clean them, especially if they’ve been left unused for a long time.

The floor of the kitchen or break room also deserves attention. Tiles can easily trap grease, so make sure to mop the floors with a cleaning solution to remove any unwanted smells.

Be careful not to leave behind a strong smell of the disinfectant. Even overpowering air fresheners can be irritating and cause respiratory problems for people with asthma.

Instead, opt for products that leave a subtle yet pleasant smell, which induces a feeling of relaxation and creates a better atmosphere for everyone at work.

4. Bathroom

The bathroom often requires a lot of elbow grease to disinfect. You’ll need to pay attention to every nook and cranny and make sure to wipe down surfaces that are frequently touched.

For toilets, use a toilet bowl cleaner. You’ll need to scrub the interior, then let the solution sit for at least 10 minutes to achieve a deeper clean. Again, don’t leave any overpowering scents, which is a common mistake for a lot of offices.

After cleaning your new office, the commercial removalist Sydney can start their work

Every step of office relocations Sydney should be meticulously planned to ensure a smooth move. Once you’ve got the cleaning out of the way, this makes it much easier for the commercial removalist Sydney company to unpack and arrange your stuff.