Never Lose An Opportunity – Create The Best Real Estate Business Cards You‘ve Ever Had

Never Lose An Opportunity – Create The Best Real Estate Business Cards You‘ve Ever Had

“Do you have a business card?” “No, but I can throw some out of my window for you when I am back at my office.”

I first heard this reply from my favorite mentor and sales technique inspiration Claude Diamond.

It has a lot of truth in it, and by hearing that, you might think that it doesn’t make sense at all to carry around business cards that you throw at people that you meet.

Another cliché or mental image is the guy with the oily hair at a “free” networking event who is only talking about himself and then throws his business card around stuffed with outdated stock photos and a fat logo of his company on top.

It doesn’t have to be that way and today you will learn how you can make your business card the best you‘ve ever had and never lose any “offline” opportunities again.

This “offline” situation is also about conversion, and part of the “power triangle” I mentioned in my first article.

What’s the Function of a Real Estate Business Card?

Let’s apply the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) formula of copywriting to a business card.

So, you want to get attention for your new contact. You want to get them interested to read further and create the desire to use the information provided on the business card to contact you, ideally for new business.

In a meeting, at a conference or any other encounter in all kinds of different places, you sometimes get the opportunity to talk to new people who could turn out to be potential clients for your real estate business.

In these moments, you would ideally have some hasslefree information handy that you can give out, so you don’t lose a potentially good opportunity.

If the person is old-school or if the situation requires it due to social or cultural reasons, you might want to use a business card or a smart phone with an easy to scan QR code when the traditional business card route is not necessary.

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