Why You Might Want to Reconsider Real Estate Branding

Why You Might Want to Reconsider Real Estate Branding

It happened on a nice and friendly spring day in April 2017. Dr. David Daos had to take a flight with United from Chicago O’Hare airport so he could be at his hospital the next day to do what doctors do.

Before his flight that day, he’d never have imagined how fast this flight would end for him.

Everything went smoothly with the airline and its slogan “Fly the friendly skies,” until it wasn’t so friendly anymore and the poor health professional was removed in a not so healthy, but a rather forceful way from the flight.

The reason: United needed four seats to accommodate four crew members who had to fly out the next morning and several passengers who had to leave the flight were picked randomly because no one wanted to give up their seats, of course.

Did United have a great logo? Yes.

Did United have a great slogan? Absolutely.

Did United have great marketing materials in print and web? Sure.

Did they have a consistent color scheme in all their marketing? Yes, that too.

So, with great branding, they must have had a good brand, right? Not at all.

Many websites you can find on the topic of branding for small businesses refer to creating logos, and or doing an overall rebrand.

But do you create a great brand just by creating new branding?

A Revealing Definition of a Brand

According to a highly recommended article from INC, your brand is the emotion that a customer feels when thinking about your product.

That’s interesting because that also means that you just need to create the right feelings for your product or service and you can create a brand.

So, if you come across a nice-looking real estate website with a nice logo and design, you might get a comfortable feeling about the company at first.

But then you get to know the people behind the business and find out that they don’t know their stuff and can’t really help you.

The initial good feeling gets strongly framed with an overall bad feeling when getting closer to experiencing their product or service.

When this happens, any effort on your behalf to apply branding to fix a crappy customer experience with your product or service won’t solve the problem.

On the other hand, when a customer really likes, for example, the way you handle difficult real estate deals for duplex investment properties and you know that this is the case, you can take out the branding toolbox and amplify this experience with different ways of communicating through logos, taglines, websites, colors, etc.

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