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TucciPolo Unveils Plans to Expand Distribution of its Handmade Shoes to Retail Stores Worldwide

TucciPolo Unveils Plans to Expand Distribution of its Handmade Shoes to Retail Stores Worldwide— Connecticut-based entrepreneur and CEO of TucciPolo, Tochukwu Mbiamnozie, unveils plans to expand distribution of its luxury footwear to retail stores worldwide —

New Haven, CT - Since 2015, TucciPolo has offered lifestyle luxury designed leather shoes, belts, bags for men and women made from the finest Italian leathers. is now uniquely positioned to be able to offer their full line to retail stores worldwide.

With the ability to scale up production to meet retail demands, TucciPolo is uniquely positioned to provide the styles in demand to the retail market as well as through direct sales to their customers. As the Comcast Business 2016 Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs Regional Winner in the New England Region, TucciPolo is a startup company with a unique fashion vision.

A few highlights of the TucciPolo brand include:

  • The use of only the finest Italian leathers
  • Handcrafted shoes, belts and bags from top artisans
  • A unique and trendsetting approach to designs and styles
  • Emphasis on quality and exclusiveness of products
  • Attention to detail that is extraordinary in every respect
The brand is unique in its appeal, catering to individuals who demand quality, luxury and style.

Embodying Luxurious Fashions in Handcrafted Elegance
As reported by Vogue, the wish lists for women reflect the fact that "heels are back, buckles are proliferating [and] platforms are burgeoning." The Fashion Editors of Esquire also indicate a change of men's shoes with a sleek, modern design that creates an "understated classic" style are the essential wardrobe item. <