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THINK: The Four Ideas That Matter in Digital Media This Week

THINK: The Four Ideas That Matter in Digital Media This Week

Your 60-second read for 9/27: Spectacles are here; oy vey this election; innovation from McDonald’s; and more. This is what matters this week in digital media.

1/Hello, Spectacles.

Snapchat has a new parent, and new sibling. Snap Inc. = Snapchat + Spectacles. Spectacles are $130 sunglasses that shoot circular video. Why should you care, when Google Glass never caught on? Because: even if Spectacles don’t take off, they are an early stab at defining the post-Smartphone era. There’s precedent, if we look at mobile devices. The Apple Newton failed. The Palm Pilot was successful but limited. Blackberries took off in the early 2000s for mobile email. Only when the iPhone launched in June 2007 did everything come together just so, and change the world. Beyond the cool Spectacles colors, beyond the circular video, if there are four horsemen in our post-smartphone future, their names are Facebook, Google, Amazon and Snap. More from Recode.

2/In digital politics, I'm not sure facts matter.

At least, not in 2016. Here’s what everyone is not getting about this election - facts do not matter. Sound bites do. Because sound bites get shared. Sound bites go viral. And it doesn’t matter if you share from the left or share it from the right, Mr. Trump just wants you share. Meanwhile, all the journalists burn the midnight oil fact checking and truth-o-metering everything, and wonder why nobody cares. I’ll tell you why nobody cares: because people only read the things that reinforce what they already believe. This election will be all about voting emotions, whether that’s outrage, anger, hope, fear, or something else altogether. Not facts. Hurry up, November, we can’t take it anymore. Plus the most shared stuff from the debate, via