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THINK: The Four Ideas That Matter in Digital Media This Week

THINK: The Four Ideas That Matter in Digital Media This Week

Your 60-second read for 10/4: TV ads are...decreasing?; Why Facebook is winning; I heart AI and Westworld; plus more. This is what matters this week in digital media.

1/Some broadcasters are airing fewer (!) commercials.

You aren’t dreaming. Maybe broadcasters have realized that if they don’t change something with their bursting, too-frequent ad pods, they are going to lose viewers permanently, who are already leaving linear TV because of oh-so many new choices for viewing - even Snapchat. So Saturday Night Live actually aired 30% fewer commercials during its season premiere this past weekend. It is the era of cord cutting after all, with another 800,000 viewers projected to cut the cord in 2017. Turner is doing the same thing. Will it work to stem the tide, or is cord cutting the beast that cannot be stopped? More from WSJ.

2/Facebook’s big stick.

Except for that average video view reporting kerfuffle last week, it seems Facebook is very, very good at whatever it does. With new products, even when they aren’t first, they quickly dominate. Think video vs. YouTube. Think live streaming vs. Meerkat (farewell Meerkat, who died this week). And now, Facebook is launching Marketplaces, taking on Craigslist and eBay for buying and selling merchandise. Its secret sauce: its 1.7 billion users, a vast, entrenched audience addicted to the service and unlikely to leave anytime soon. Any new product Facebook thinks of, they can seamlessly integrate and pitch to hundreds of millions. Facebook knows what it’s doing. More from TechCrunch.

3/Is Westworld in our future?

There’s a quote I attribute to Jeff Bezos (at least in my head) that goes something like: it’s more about the businesses we don’t know we’ll be in ten years from now vs. the ones we do. And so it goes with voice recognition software. Hello Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant (part of Google’s new Pixel phones). Feeling affection for a device made of metal and glass comes surprisingly easy, and I think voice recognition software has us on the road to um, real artificial intelligence, with countless capital implications. Even if a Westworld android theme park sounds like a farfetched business venture, who could have predicted that a 1995 bookseller named Amazon would be dabbling in AI, and making billions off of web services, twenty years later? The future ain’t what it used to be.

4/Social media is simply, media.

Just ask Twitter, who would like you (and Wall Street) to think of them as a news company. Or Snapchat - I mean Snap Inc. - who is now a camera company. And Facebook, which is many things to many of us across Instagram, Whatsapp and more. I think the term “social network” has become outdated; social networks have just become part of our lives, like electricity, TV and wifi. Same with marketing - social media is marketing, too. The phrase “social media” has its humble beginnings in MySpace and Kim Kardashian, but it is very serious business now, permanently changing industries. And like everything else, it all comes back to Facebook’s 1.7 billion users, which makes it the largest publishing and marketing platform in the history of the world. More from Adweek.

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Todd Lombardo 5/10/2016 · #6

#5 @James O'Connell you have a great perspective! Thanks for reading. Yes I agree, it's weird and crazy to see tech fantasy become reality. Drones, Siri...where are we headed next? A question for the ages.

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James O'Connell 5/10/2016 · #5

Nice one @Todd Lombardo, it's a very interesting sphere for sure. You gotta give it to Facebook, while not firsts at many things they are very quick to adapt. I keep falling out with them and then they improve on the reason why i fell out in first place. Its kinds scary but nice to feel that they actually respond to data & feedback.
I've heard stuff about Google taking over Twitter which would be an interesting add to Google. AI is another interesting field, I also read somewhere how there are plans a foot to bring together a council of sorts for AI (Artificial Intelligence) to manage the realm and prevent Terminator(the movie) like world. To be honest these points are just stuff I've scanned as yet and haven't fully read into.
I love tech media world, its kinds weird seeing stuff we explored in uni back in 1998 actually being in place and looking very likely to go where everyone in the know back then said it would! Thats like 18 years..crazy..and all of a sudden the Terminator movies seem less sci fi! Nice article man (' ' ,)

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Todd Lombardo 5/10/2016 · #4

#1 @David Grinberg I'm so glad we're connecting over this. Westworld pilot was amazing! There are 20 story threads, I can't wait to see where they go. Thank you for being such an avid supporter of my posts!

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Todd Lombardo 5/10/2016 · #3

#2 Paul Waters I too am an ex ad guy, I know what you mean and the answer is no, never :) . Thank you so much for reading and beyond thrilled you like my posts. I'm committed to publishing every Tuesday, god willing I have ideas...and wifi!

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Paul Walters 5/10/2016 · #2

@Todd Lombardo As an " ex ad guy" ( is there ever such a thing?) I really liked this piece which led me to trawl back through some of your earlier postings. Thanks, I will from here on have something to start my day each day down here in the tropics!!

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David B. Grinberg 4/10/2016 · #1

Thanks for another informative and timely buzz @Todd Lombardo. As a huge fan of the breakthrough TV series "Lost" I was thrilled to learn that "Lost" creator JJ Abrams was a producer for "Westworld." I watched the pilot twice and would really recommend this new HBO show (Sunday nights) to anyone interested in AI, robotics, transhumanism, as well as all amateur futurists. This show is based on the book and adapted movie of the same name by phenomenal author Michael Creighton -- he actually attended my high school in NY, albeit before me. This is one of the those TV shows that really makes you pay close attention, think about what's happening, ponder the future as potential lessons learned. Plus, what a great cast: Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Eav Rachel Wood and more. Could you tell I'm excited about this show?
cc: @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira @Aurorasa Sima @Milos Djukic @Irene Hackett @Yogesh Sukal @Nick Mlatchkov

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