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Top 7 Podcasts for Writers

    Top 7 Podcasts for Writers

    Podcasts can be a way to get motivation, inspiration, and entertainment all at the same time. There are podcasts of every genre, making it easy to find something that suits each person. For writers, there are many top podcasts to choose from, each offering help or inspiration with the writing process.

    Top Podcasts for Writers

    • The Writer Files: Hosted by Kelton Reid, this podcast has been in existence for quite some time. The host gives tips on developing habits and environments that famous writers have used in the past. Reid makes sure to discuss all genres and has a variety of guests on her podcast to offer further advice.

    • I Should Be Writing: Hosted by Mur Lafferty, this podcast features an author with a new release in nearly every episode. The goal is to give encouragement and tips to listeners. The host fully understands the struggle of needing more motivation to keep the writing flowing. Keep in mind, this podcast is more for those who write fantasy, science fiction, or horror.

    • Beautiful Writers Podcast: Writer Linda Sivertsen hosts this podcast and has best-selling authors as regular guests. As Sivertsen and her guests discuss creative ideas, they get in-depth about the details.

    • Helping Writers Become Authors: Hosted by author K.M. Weiland, listeners can expect advice and discussions from a successful writer. With tips about how to tell a story and the structure or outline to follow, Weiland offers plenty of information for writers. There are discussions about getting published and the steps necessary to get there.

    • Writing Class Radio: A fun podcast aimed at helping listeners develop a better sense of telling a story hosts Allison and Andrea often get personal with their writing. Not only do they give motivation to writers, but they help them get in tune with emotions and open up in writing.

    • The Creative Penn Podcast: The host, Joanna Penn, is a self-published author. She gives listeners motivation, inspiration, and information. Guests are often interviewed, most often focusing the topic on self-publishing.

    • Writing Excuses: The hosts of this podcast discuss tips and advice while offering inspiration to listeners. They also name a book of the week in each episode, and they give practice exercises for listeners to work on.

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    Richard Foster May 4, 2020 · #1

    Great recommendations, Todd! I'll have to give some of these a listen sometime!