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It is something that is lacking on the internet. Many so-called entrepreneurs are not leaders, teachers or coaches but just promoters.

A new Social Media site is coming online now to improve fairness by sharing social media income with its members. Something no other social media site does, as rich as they are.

Many internet sites are ripping off the public and members. Many call themselves entrepreneurs. They have damaged the meaning of the word Entrepreneur.

I am on a mission to break down the dishonesty with online scamming so-called entrepreneurs. They will not like it and scream blue murder about it.

We must aim to help all newcomers to online Education by breaking down all barriers and scamming rip-offs. No person should be left on their own to struggle as Teamwork is the aim of the game. A team will always outdo a champion because Sharing all Inspiration is Contagious and it motivates us with its enthusiasm.

A real Entrepreneur will not just promote and then abandon their new customer just to make money. They become a guardian that follows you with teachings and encouragement. Walking beside you and when the going gets tough goes in front and is last to give up and leave the battlegrounds of life.

Their enthusiasm shows and becomes contagious with ideas for progress and knowledge, inspiration with integrity.

An Entrepreneur never quits and treats his team as equal to himself with friendship backing those getting behind leaving nobody behind for the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Entrepreneurs will work a dream into an idea and then into positive productive action.

A team of Entrepreneurs, Including You, will create a Mastermind group with infinite wisdom ideas “dreams” turning them into infinite reality.

I do not only want customers. I want friends. Friends make the best team workers as they are happy to work as a team. We as Team Members are and will be the most positive of members you will find making up this Mastermind Group with infinite ways forward. Your future is our future as Entrepreneurs.


You will be the TEAM of the Future. We as a team are sharing our knowledge and opinions helping Webtalk and share in its income, its future, which will be our future.

Honesty is the best policy.


We have two ears to listen and learn. We have two eyes to see and understand. We only have one mouth to avoid putting our foot in it.” Tom Short.

Power is essential for success. Translate power into action with desire. Power is intelligence organizing effort into knowledge.

Organized power is intelligence organized with two or more people. Knowledge, when organized by a group of people, Leads to infinite intelligence.

Teamwork from a group with infinite intelligence will have the aid of a creative imagination. A group with such cooperation and coordination of knowledge will never rest on its laurels and with persistent desire improve on the present with a desire to advance intelligence forward.

That will make it a mastermind group.

With its accumulated experience researching any of the experience will then be infinite knowledge transmuting into powerful action.

The group's spirit of harmony will grow with success increasing the persistent desire to grow because it creates a pleasant team working atmosphere of perfect harmony.

No two people think alike so two minds produce an improvement of both.

Adding more minds equals an intensity of ideas being forever improved by sharing discussions forming many ideas. The spiritual energy of the human mind with teamwork will continue to accumulate and absorb intelligence with its spirit of harmony and persistent action.

Its definite purpose will add up to a powerful mastermind group.

The influence of a group of like minds will accomplish many goals for mankind.

life is like a river flowing along to a junction, which way will you flow? This way is faster as it rushes over the waterfall into the jungle of negative misery and poverty.

Or go the other slower way of hard rowing through positive plains of hard work but rich harvests of


burning desire for active riches which all adds up to one thing, WEBTALK.


Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.” Tom Short.

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I agree with so much you said in this buzz. To many online are Sacrificing their integrity for Growth.

Kevin Baker 4/12/2018 · #1

Love the thought provocations. The human entity is a self imposed oxymoron debate. To say we are not a moral race will bring fast as you can think the reply, some of us are which of course validates the statement by contradiction. Consider that all successful internet ventures does have it's own version an accepted deception.