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INFOGRAPHIC - What Makes A Great Inside Salesperson?

It's no secret that companies are looking to grow faster and reduce travel & expenses by investing more in Inside Sales. Every other week or so, I get a call, e-mail, text, or InMail from someone asking my advice on how to start, scale, or turn-around an Inside Sales team. 

While this was a bit unusual, I still offered my perspective. I am thrilled to see the evolution of the profession and I am always happy to help others get started. There are two things that I am typically asked by leaders that are looking to start an Inside Sales team: 

#1 - What are the characteristics of a good Inside Sales rep

#2 - How many outbound dials do your reps make?

I’ll address #2 at another time. – For now I’ll just say, while of course there needs to be regular and frequent outbound sales activity, a Magic Number of Dials does not exist. Here are my thoughts on cold calling: Click Here

As for #1 - Here is an I
nfographic that displays what it takes to be a great Inside Sales rep.

FOR INFORGRAPHIC PLEASE CLICK HERE:  Faith, Talent, Science, or Cold Calls... What makes a great Inside Salesperson?

INFOGRAPHIC - What Makes A Great Inside Salesperson?

This infographic is based on a previous article I wrote:  CLICK HERE

Thank you for your time.  - If you are a new manager - you may find this post interesting: I CHOSE THE RED PILL